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Friday, March 11, 2011


I actually typed "TGIF" in a text today, and immediately thought, I am a NERD.  I don't even care!!  I have been exhausted this week, for no good reason.  Today, I actually feel pretty great, and actually typed "good thing I am operating on Level: AWESOME today..." in yet a different text.  Different text, same recipient (she probably just loves that I interrupt her work day with this stuff!).  HA!  I am soooo ready for a weekend with my favorites.  I am going to clean my house, get some groceries, organize just enough of something to make myself feel productive, and then do nothing more than play with my handsome husband and my sweet baby chickens. We've got a major birthday party to attend, I hope I get some good pictures!

**These pictures are random and have nothing to do with my weekend :)

Ryleigh needs to brush up on her checkers skills, so she can beat Grandpa Rod the next time we visit.  He smoked her last time!

Isn't that playhouse fun?  Rowen hauled himself out via the window while I cringed.  Oh, mercy.  I stopped him after that one time, I promise!  I thanked the staff for allowing us to crash their Saturday.

I love my brother, and that's all I really have to say about these pics :)

Maeson is begging for some yogurt, Rowen just got himself out of the tub, I need to research baseball bats for Rugger's first year of coach-pitch, and the girls want pedicures!  Later all, happy weekend!



christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

I am totally stealing that "I am operating on Level: AWESOME today" line. LOVE it!