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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We went to the park for lunch today and stayed way. too. long. with some of our BFFs.  I really wanted to stay home and clean my kitchen while the kids ate on the deck and played in the fort.  We went out yesterday kind of last-minute, so I felt like I needed the time today to get stuff done.  But.  I've been the one on the other line saying something like, "if I don't get out of this house and talk to another sane adult in the next 30 minutes, I might..."  Been there, done that, and so happy to be on this end of it today so I could repay the "favor".  Turns out, I had no idea I needed out today!  I feel awesome after a few hours of playing outside. 

Yep, this is how I knew we had stayed too long :)  Sweet little thing!  What an easy baby.  I never had a baby of my own that would fall asleep in a swing at the park, transfer to the stroller, transfer to the carseat, then transfer to the crib and never wake up.  Hilarious, awesome, rocks my world.

In other news, my girl's blog makes me laugh.  After the park, I helped do some of the typing on her latest post.  I normally would have just told her to save the draft, and finish it later, but she was kind of stressed about giving her readers an update on the hand washing contest.  She has other school work to finish, and the typing just takes soooo loooong :)  So, I typed her last paragraph, and laughed through the whole thing.  Then I told her she had to go do some typing practice :)

I am so thankful for homeschool, BFFs to raise babies with, long naps for filthy sun-warmed kids, and my handsome husband who will come home from work and know the kitchen mess doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things and not say a word ;)



Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

what a great day! and a good baby for staying asleep through all the transfers!!! sometimes i find it's ok to have a messy house on the first warm days of spring. being outside is way more important! ;)