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Friday, March 18, 2011

The performing arts.

I can't believe I forgot to post this after I wrote it last Sunday!  Well, actually I can believe it, because I forget stuff all the time.  Darnit :)

We don't see many live shows outside our home.  The kids put on all sorts of concerts, performances, magic and talent productions, etc. in our basement.  We have a curtain and everything, thanks to my mom and brother's genius a few years ago at Christmas.  We practice being polite audience members, and I knew there would come a day when that practice would pay off.  It came yesterday last weekend when we attended our cousin Micah's 5th birthday party and he produced and directed a version of The Wizard of Oz.

The guests were invited to come dressed as their favorite character.  Reise had two different princess costumes on (think Glenda, the good witch!), then right before we walked out the door decided on the red witch.  That poke hat did crazy things to her hair :)

Sorry for the weird face you are making here, Lexi!  Reise isn't looking much better!  Reise LOVES Lexi!

Rugger had no desire to dress up, which was fine.  Ryleigh purposely wore all black, just in case Micah needed a last-minute stage hand.  For real.  She kills me.  Her services weren't needed, but that was OK with her :)  She wanted to be prepared juuuust. iiiiiiiiin. caaaaaaase.  

The audience snacked on popcorn, and I actually have Maryn's leftover popcorn in my purse still (*not anymore, threw that out on Tuesday!).  Sweetest girl ever. 

She asked me why I cut all those holes in my jeans.  I told her it was because I wanted to continue to look cool and young.  She said "oh, yeah, ok" as if that was the most logical thing she'd ever heard.  Lock up your scissors, Robyn!  (*Hopefully in the week that it took me to realize I never posted this, Maryn hasn't done anything crazy with scissors!)

The birthday boy!  I happened to be working the night he held the first rehearsal for this play.  My office is attached to this stage area in our church, and I could hear him doing his thing.  He had me dying in my rolly-chair, I was laughing so hard.  He had the lines memorized, would recite them to the actor, then say "ok, wait until I say ACTION".  It was too much.

Special effects.  There was a lighting crew, too :)

Lynne, you pulled off that Munchin role perfectly!  6ft tall is the new 3ft 4in. :)

Best apple-throwing trees I have ever seen right there...


It was a fun party, for a really fun kid.  That's a lucky little boy, don't you think?  He has an awesome group of people who love him and wanted his birthday to be special.  Way to go, Micah, you're going to rock at being 5!



Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

seriously, this is the cutest thing ever! What an awesome 5th birthday party!

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! I am going to steal some of your pics because I am a lame mom and didn't take ANY. Except a couple of the cake.

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes Jenny, you are SUCH a lame mom...after planning this whole party, forgetting to take pics! Tori, did you see the lion costume Brandi made for Carter? Adorable! Jenny, I have a ton of pics, I will put them on a flash drive for you.

Olivia said... Best Blogger Tips

This is great! Those munchkin pictures should be framed and hung in our hallway ;)