"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Monday, April 18, 2011

24 Hours

I was still feeling the week-after-the-birthday-weekend blues by the end of last week.  After a few days of gorgeous weather which allowed the kids to run themselves ragged outside, we had rain/wind/cold.  Suddenly, the kids went nuts.   Instant cabin fever.  What the heck?  And, I was tired.  Maybe because of the rain/wind/cold.  Maybe because I stayed up too late watching The Office reruns.  Maybe because I ate cheesecake for breakfast and I was experiencing a really horrible sugar crash.  Either way, tired mom and wound up kids was a dangerous combination for a Friday.  After getting our lunch packed and dragging a bunch of little kids through the rain/wind/cold to our co-op classes, I was ready for a nap.  We hadn't been there 20 minutes when a random little boy refused to listen to my nice-lady singing voice warnings to, "please stop throwing and kicking our toys".  I waited a while, thinking eventually his mom would come and rescue me from having to go any further.  No luck.  Finally, I said in my really mean-lady (loud) voice, "YOU are not allowed to play with our toys any more today, because you are not being respectful".  Then of course, I turned around and his mother was standing right behind me.  Awkward!

At this point I texted my fabulous, handsome husband and said "I think I will require a Chipotle burrito for lunch in order to continue parenting and working through the afternoon."

Fast forward 24 hours...


After a fun couple of hours at the Jacob's Well food distribution, we received a last-minute invite to go to the Spring Game.  DJ Steele needed a nap, and so did the littlest kids at our house.  Rowen and Reise have been in rare form lately.  Lord, have mercy.  Rowen has been acting like he did back when he had constant ear infections.  He's irrational and on edge, all day long.  His nose won't stop running, and he doesn't sleep well at night.  Just typing that out makes me realize I need to get him into the doctor.  Lord, have mercy.  Reise must be having a growth spurt.  Or, I should say, she better be having a growth spurt.  She's always hungry, sleeps all the time, and I think her mood would best be described as "erratic".  They both require 2-3+ hour naps during the day, and we all pay dearly if they don't sleep.

Anyway, there's no way on God's green earth I'd take either of them to a 3 hour football game during nap time, is what I'm trying to say :)  So...my handsome husband dropped us off at the stadium, and then took the (very sad) littlest kids home to nap.  Gosh, doesn't he rock?  This is after he worked all night, slept for a few hours, grocery shopped with 3 kids, then got started cleaning the house.  He rocks, and he's super handsome.

 Let me tell you what, it's a totally different experience from the back seat!

How many times has this awesome white 15-passenger van come in handy?  Too many to keep track of.

While I really couldn't care less about football, I do enjoy nice weather, my kids, good friends, and Valentino's pizza.  All were present and accounted for.  There's just something about an unexpected fun spot in the middle of an ordinary Saturday, that really rocks my world!

I absolutely love that these two may as well be siblings.  

And, the (very sad) littlest kids got to have Happy Meals for lunch, before their much needed naps.  They broke even!

We got home in just enough time to throw a few things together and head out again for a very fun birthday party!  Happy Birthday, Jenny!!  The kids had a blast in the bounce house, and just running around with their friends mostly unsupervised.

This is the only picture I got of the impromptu performance the kids put on, because then I was told there were "no pictures allowed".  

I ended Saturday feeling totally refreshed after a great day.  It was so busy and I was exhausted, but I felt awesome anyway.  What a difference 24 hours makes.