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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Colored Eggs and the Cross.

My kids know about Good Friday, the crucifiction, and the empty tomb.  We know what Easter is really all about.  Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, and rose three days later.  I have no idea how coloring dozens after dozens of hard-boiled eggs fits into the true reason for this Holiday.  

All I know is, it's a pretty fun way to pass an afternoon :)

I love keeping traditions that I know my kids look forward to every year.  The Easter Bunny will visit our house, and leave a bunch of cheap toys and candy ;)  I used to think that waiting for Santa and filling baskets would take away from the true meaning of the season, but I think I've changed my mind.  We can remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for us, and spend a Monday afternoon decorating eggs.

Rugger had some trouble getting his eggs to stay on that little wire dipper!  How many rolled off and under the table??

Rowen had no problems, probably because he used his hands to help that little wire out!  He loved it so much.  At first I was helping him, and he'd say we were doing "team work".  Then, I finally just let him do it on his own.  He didn't drop a single one :)  I know I underestimate him, most of the time.  We've never had a 3yr old in our house who didn't have two younger siblings.  That makes a 3yr old look pretty big.  These boys still seem like babies to me sometimes :(

That orange one was a gift for Grandpa Don, and Maeson dropped it half a dozen times.  I'm sure G'pa still appreciated it...

Rugger made this one for me, and I loved it (then, I ate it!).  Gosh, he's so stinkin' sweet.  Love him so much.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of family, egg hunts, candy filled baskets, and celebrating the promise of eternal life we have in Jesus.  Happy Easter! 



Marylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Becky, I remember as if it were yesterday, driving home from Gr/Gr Rowe's in K.C., your dad, probably age 7 or 8, asked, "Mom, is the Easter Bunny real?" My answer: "The Easter Bunny, and Santa, and The Tooth Fairy, etc., etc., etc, all are for fun for the family. The only ONE we don't see that is real is GOD! HE IS REAL!" Enough said...'cause they, like your kids, knew then and know now, who God & Jesus are! Praise the Lord for Fun Family Traditions. LaoLao