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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Threes

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!  We made cakes, prepared special meals, taped up streamers, and made many homemade cards.  We partied all weekend, and by Monday (his actual birthday), we were all kind of exhausted ;)  Rugger couldn't believe a person would actually have to report to work on his birthday!  I think he was more bummed for himself than Mitch, he just assumed he'd have him home all day.  Sad!

DJ Steele took a very rare weekend off, and it was amazing.  Is this how normal people do weekends?  Like, sleep more than a few hours at a time, wake up feeling ready to be productive on your day off?  Crazy!  We got a lot done, but I felt (kind of) bad for trying to sneak in cleaning and organizing on birthday weekend.

It was the little boys' turn to spend the night at G'mas, and we hired a sitter for the oldest three on Saturday night.  What a treat!  I love our first ever paid babysitter, Lexi.  She is a sweetheart, and she can drive herself over, bonus!  She has 3 little sisters, and 2 little brothers, so I know she's got decent instincts when it comes to kids.  We'd never felt comfortable asking a teenager to watch our brood, before now.  For the first time in years, we don't have an infant.  It's so weird!!  Besides always having a baby (or two), we have high-maintenance kids.  It's not like we can ask a regular teenager to manage diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, and and baby.  Good grief.  I'm so grateful for my incredible mother-in-law, who handled our date nights and overlapping work schedules for so many years.  I feel great about being able to give her a little bit of a break now!  Anyway, we spent a few hours with really old friends, and I laughed harder than was probably medically safe.  So fun.

We drove 90 minutes to Grand Island to watch the horse races with all of Mitch's family, on Sunday.  Everyone had been looking forward to it, the kids were sooo excited.  Maeson came home Friday afternoon and the first thing out of his mouth was "hey, let's go see the horsies run faster faster faster like this...neigh, neigh!!" (with actions!).  It was funny, and he was clearly ready to see some ponies run!  The little boys fell asleep right outside Grand Island, so we slowed way down, dilly dallied through town, then sat in the parking lot to let them get a few more minutes in.  By the time we got in and went potty, bought our seats, and sat down, we had just missed the first race.  A few minutes later, they announced that the rest of the races were canceled because it was so muddy.  Um, hello, wasn't it just as muddy earlier?  What a disappointment!  We couldn't get a refund on our seats (for real? common!), so we're planning to go back in a few weeks. 

Six years ago for Valentine's day, I made a cheesecake.  I don't remember it being anything amazing, and I don't even own a spring form pan.  It's what Mitch wanted for his birthday, and for my first attempt in a long time, it wasn't terrible.  I almost want to try it again, just to see if I can make it better, but I'm going to go ahead and just let it go :)  Maybe next year!

Happy 33rd Birthday to the handsomest husband, ever.  I'm glad I finally got this posted, because we have another birthday weekend next week.  My little babies are turning three, and I could cry about it all day.  I'm too busy planning cakes and sewing party favors for emotional breakdowns!

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You're sewing party favors?! STOP! You're out of control! :)