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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hazel Able

I love it when people think of me and my crew.  It takes a village, you know?  And for us, a really large village with super generous members.  My very generous and resourceful sister-in-law is great about filling my inbox with places to go, things to do, stuff to make, articles to read.  Yesterday she reminded me about Lincoln Safari, and I think we owe our summer to her ;)  Yea!!  I have seen bits and pieces of this program, but never really looked into it.  I think it will be a perfect activity for our family and daycare buddies.  It's a scavenger hunt with 27 locations to visit around town (some right outside of town).  Most places have a post with a rubbing plate, which you use to mark your visit in your book.  

We picked up our guide books and maps today at the library.  It turned out to be quite the ordeal.  I had registered last night, online.  With 8 kids in carseats in my van today, I thought it would be quicker to send my 3 biggest kids into the library to fetch our gear.  Plus, after delivering insulin to my handsome husband at work, I had driven my huge white van through Koepelli and was sipping on a caramel mochachinno waiting for the library to open.  Obviously at this point, it makes a lot more sense for me to sit, sip, and enjoy the other five kids strapped into their carseats singing The Star Spangled Banner.  A few minutes later, the kids walk out empty handed, followed by a librarian!  I thought, Oh great, I'm in trouble for sending them in there alone.  Ha!  Actually, she just needed my email address to look up our registration, and Ryleigh couldn't remember it.  She said, "I figured you had a van load of kids out here and didn't want to haul them in for a booklet.  I wouldn't either, in fact, I can't believe you loaded them up and hauled them here period!"  Right on, lady!  Thanks, I feel 100% pampered in this moment! :)

We went home to decide which location to visit first, and then loaded back up (this time with jackets, matching shoes, and the camera!).  Ryleigh asked the librarian if we could have two sets of books, so we could have a boys' team and a girls' team.  She was happy to make that happen, and I think it will add some excitement and competition to our adventures!

We probably never would have taken a trip to Hazel Able park, and that would have been a shame.  It's beautiful, and there's a fence...  :)  

Eli wiped out hard thanks to a loose shoe string.  Ryleigh and Rugger told him they'd fix those strings into double knots.  They crack me up!

If any of our Lincoln friends want to join us, let me know.  



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I want to join you. It looks like a blast!!
-Grandpa Rowe

Gma Marcy said... Best Blogger Tips

Count me in for an adventure! And I need to add that thought all the kids are darned cute, that Truman has the most infectious smile!!!!!!!!!!