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Friday, April 8, 2011

Holy Cow

A quarter of a cow, to be exact.  After discussing it for a few years, but never really knowing how to go about it, or how it'd work for us, we finally decided to suck it up and write out a fairly large check for a freezer full of beef. 

Mitch's cousin knew a guy, who knew a farmer to buy a cow from, and they already had a butcher they used and liked.  It couldn't have been much easier, and the meat couldn't taste much better!  Never having been a really huge fan of steak, I was skeptical that it would be something I'd really care about.  Oh, baby.  I was wrong.  There's actually flavor in the meat!

As far as cost goes, I've decided that it's kind of a wash.  I love a good deal, and it turns out this is not a way to save money on food...which, was a disappointment to me honestly.  I had really thought that buying it this way would probably work out to be cheaper, but it isn't. 

We paid $1.80/lb for the cow, which was about 1000lbs.  Then, we paid $500 (split 4 ways) to butcher it.  So I figured about $550 for 250lbs. of meat....and I thought, oh nice!  $2/lb in the end, right?  That's a deal!  Well, no.  The bones, blood, guts, etc. that you don't actually eat is not packaged up and sent home with you (unless you wanted it, which I didn't).  So, in the end we got about 110lbs. of meat and paid $525 which is roughly $4.75/lb.  This is not a great price for ground beef or the cheaper roasts.  When you think about it that way, it's a little sad.  At least it is for me!  :)  But, spread out over the more expensive roasts and steaks, which we definitely enjoy, it kind of evens out.  It's great to have some variety, and the quality hormone-free meat is probably worth the extra money in the end.

In fact, it kind of almost makes me want to move to a farm and raise all kinds of things like chickens and pigs. Who am I!??  What have I turned into, that I actually see the appeal to wide open spaces, and livestock?  Maybe I should start with my garden and prevent it from failing (like it did last year) before I move onto expensive real estate and living things.  



Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

you crack me up becky! i often ask myself "who am i?" as well...its nice to know i am not the only one who can't recognize herself anymore! LOL enjoy your meat my friend!