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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On the bright side.

After a really fun start to the weekend, we decided to start the Great Winter-to-Summer Clothing Switch of 2011.  What a chore!  I finally got smart last year and started sorting the tubs of hand-me-downs by season, so it wasn't too hard actually finding the clothes we need for this year.  Before, I was using a separate tub for each size and season.  One tub for 5yr old girl summer, another for 5yr old girl winter, etc.  By now, with all the different ages and seasons we have going on, it got pretty confusing to try and remember what we actually had in there.  In there refers to the big storage closet in my basement we may as well rename the Big Black Hole.

Before we did that, I took Ryleigh and Rugger shopping during naps to find a few things I thought we were missing.  Shorts, dresses, a few dressier shirts for the little boys.  This is the first time ever, that Ryleigh has shown any interest in picking out her own clothes.  She's so low-maintenance!  She picked out some adorable outfits, and she was pretty excited to bring them home.  Such a fun girly thing to do, and I loved it :)  

So, out came the tubs, and off went everyone's clothes.  We started trying on items in a sort of mass chaotic way, Mitch handled Rowen and I barked orders at everyone else.  It was fun! :)  Half-way through this, Reise got Biggie (the rat) out of her cage and I realized we needed to spruce up her living quarters a little.  Rugger went into the garage to get the big bag of cedar chips to refresh her bedding and said "something smells really weird in there".  Uhhh, like what exactly??  Dead cat?  Cat poop?  Thawing chopped onions?   ...  Mitch, from the garage "the freezer isn't working!!!"  ... Me, running wildly down the stairs ready to freak out because there's so much $$MEAT$$ in there!!!!

Remember my cleaning schedule?  I'm off by ONE weekend, due to the big birthday bash, and I thought the freezer would be fine.  How hilarious.  Praise the Lord that sucker didn't fail a week ago, when we wouldn't have noticed it right away.  

"Snow" in the yard when it's 60 degrees outside.  (Truly, for Nebraska, not that weird.)

Naked kid on the deck? (Well, let's be honest, not that weird for our house!!) 

So, that's why we have "snow" in our yard, and our child is in underwear, playing on the deck on Sunday afternoon.  We had to defrost of our deep freeze, and our 3yr old was left to fend for himself half-way through the Great Winter-to-Summer Clothing Switch of 2011.  

On the bright side, the closets and dressers are in order, the tubs are back in the totally reorganized Big Black Hole, the freezer is good to go for another six months, and the $$MEAT$$ stayed frozen rock solid. 

Choosing to love,


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

i detest the changing of the seasons for that exact reason! The taking out of old clothes and what to do with them, keep, hand down, throw away..ect.. then to sort through the hand me downs (which we are SO GRATEFUL for!!)bluck! i am riding around with 7 trash bags full of hand me downs in my van for over a week bc i can't make myself sort them! HAHA!
good job at the organization mama!

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Ditto! We LOVE hand-me-downs :)

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

WHERE did you get Rowen's sesame street underwear? That may just motivate Jacob to potty train! =)
And we love hand-me-downs too! ;) Dailee is so excited about all the sundresses!

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips


Those undies were hand-me-downs :) I never, ever, almost EVER buy cartoon clothes, so if you see my kids in them you'll know they were gifts! The boys do love them, and they have Thomas the Train ones they also love that we did not purchase. I'm SO MEAN!!