"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Party like a Rockstar.

These kids used to love this song.  And I mean, L.O.V.E.

I love doing birthdays.  And I mean, L.O.V.E.  I'm sad when they're over.  It's like a big ol' let down when I have to come home, clean up, and resume normal life again.  The only great thing about a regular Monday after a Rockstar birthday weekend, is new toys to keep the kids totally occupied and argument-free for hours upon hours.  After an ice cold diet Dew, I get my laundry machines humming, my dishes rolling, open my windows and pull out the 409...

Dear Coco Key,
While there's no way you hold a candle to our beloved Great Wolf Lodge, we had a blast at your water park on Saturday and we'll be back.  Especially since due to a late notice coupon (thanks, Stef!), and your extremely flexible and helpful front desk manager, we hold 3 passes to go back another time.  We're sure sad that we couldn't get our money back for those tickets we bought online and didn't need, but it just means another fun-filled family day is in our future, so we're fine with it.  Thanks for being a part of our awesome birthday weekend.
Love, The Sallingers

That little girl in the goggles posed for me every time.  I'm sure she knew I wasn't taking her picture, but she didn't care.  What a hoot. Reise was like "Um, that's not your mom, that's MY mom!!"

I love that these two are big enough to run around together without a parent directly next to them.  They had a blast together.

Rugger and Ryleigh were tall enough to go on the really big slides that require a tube to ride in.  Mitch and I took turns going with them.  What a freakin' blast.  My body hurt so bad on Sunday morning that I literally didn't feel like I could get up.  "OhmygoshIfeellikecrapwhattheheckhappened???" is how I put it, exactly.

Rowen went down the little slides about 1200 times.  He wanted someone at the bottom every single time, even tho we never really "caught" him.  Finally, he decided it was fine if Rugger waited at the bottom for him, and kind of dissed Ryleigh when she tried :) This is her rolling-of-the-eyes face at his ridiculousness!  

If I looked around and couldn't find Rowen for a minute, I'd automatically look to the top of the slide and sure enough.  He was up there holding up the long line of little kids behind him, waiting for someone to catch him at the bottom.  It's so loud in there you can't hear anything, so I'm sure he was up there screaming "MOM!" and wondering why the heck I was ignoring him.

The birthday boys loved this yellow one!  And neither of them required "catching " at the bottom :)

 He's so funny!  "YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!"

Gosh, they loved that there were two slides next to each other in both kiddie areas.   Up the stairs, down the slide, then act cool at the bottom as you hop out together.  Repeat, times one hundred.

We stayed so long everyone had burning lungs and blood-shot eyes from so much chlorine, Rugger actually had an asthma attack, and all our skin looked like shriveled up prunes.  Obviously, it was perfect :)

I woke up Sunday morning to Rowen at 7am saying, "um....um....um...mom?? um....mom?  um....MOM, that water park?  Mom, that water park?  MOM, THAT WATER PARK!!  Was.  So.  Much.  Fun."  It made the long day of no naps and really long night of fitful sleepers (due to the no naps!) and waking up feeling like a truck had run me over several times, TOTALLY worth it.

Choosing to love,