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Friday, April 29, 2011

Rainy Zoo Day

The Zoo, also known as one of my favorite places in Lincoln, opened April 15.  We haven't exactly had the most amazing weather around here.  

The weather wasn't great on Monday, but we were sick of waiting and went anyway.  It wasn't the most fun zoo trip we've ever been on, that's for sure.  The fact that it was just the first of many, many, many zoo trips over the next six months for us, made that OK.

The train ride was most definitely the hit of the trip.  Rowen is still talking about how he rode on the back with no parent.  Gosh, he's so big!

I am determined to remember my quarters this year, because feeding the goats is kind of a big deal.  Reise knows exactly what to do, opens her palm flat, lets the goat take it from her.  She's not scared of them either, but then she's not really scared of anything.

Maeson holds out one piece of food at a time, and yells at the big ones for bullying the little guys out of their way.  Misty reminded her kids not to eat the goat food, which I said was smart.  I hadn't ever thought to do that, and I could just see Titus trying to shove handfuls into his mouth!  Altho, you'd think that would only happen once ;)

This was the only dry spot we could find for lunch.  I was really glad we opted to take the train at the beginning of our trip.  By the end, we were wet, cold and some of us had really just had it.

We are definitely looking forward to nicer weather, and visiting at least every other week this summer.  So excited!

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heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

your babies are beautiful! lucky you to have them!

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

your babies are beautiful! lucky you to have them!