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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thing One and Thing Two...

Turned Three!

I had so much fun planning their birthday party.  I'm so sad it's over!

Here's a copy of the invites I made, front and back.  This is what I used for a "theme" when I made the cakes. 

We'd never done a birthday party at a restaurant before, and I loved it.  We may just do it this way from now on!  My main reason for doing it this time was purely for convenience.  I  knew we would be gone the entire day before at the water park, so I didn't want to try and deal with making food, cleaning, etc.!  I figured I could do the cakes beforehand for the most part, and then just enjoy our family fun day without stressing about the party.  Plus, I wanted to invite more people than can really comfortably fit in our house, especially if it involves a meal.  Hello, someone please buy our stinkin' house....we want to mooooove!!!

Anyway, it really rocked, and we truly spent only a little more money than we would have if we had grilled burgers at the park (and it didn't involve spending hours packing and hauling everything there and back!). 

I've never seen an episode of Cake Boss in my life, but I've learned a few things about fondant from making my kids' birthday cakes.  Speaking of fondant, is it pronounced fon-daunt (like aunt?) or fon-dent (like dent?).  I made my own marshmallow fondant, and the white turned out great.  The red was so gooey and sticky (I think because of all the food coloring?) that it caused me to panic mildly the morning of the big par-tay.  Mildly.  Like, it lasted 45 seconds before I just slapped it on in true yes-I-do-work-better-under-pressure fashion.  

They weren't prefect and I am definitely not going into the cake decorating business anytime soon, but I'm pretty sure the boys liked them.  I could have put a live fish in a bowl on top of the ugliest cake ever, and they would have loved it :)

White cake with butter cream frosting.  I used butter flavoring for the first time and loved it.  The fish bowl is being supported by straws, a trick I learned from my sister-in-law (she does watch Cake Boss!).

Have people read The Cat in The Hat?  The fish in the bowl is one of the main characters!  He tells the Cat "no, no!"  I'm not sure that everyone "got" it.  But, that just shows you how out of touch with reality I am. What do you mean, doesn't everyone read Dr. Seuss books several times every single day?  There will come a day when I will forget all of this stuff that's become a regular part of my life!

The hat is cocoa crispy treats which I molded in pyrex bowls and then stacked together.  I frosted the whole thing before I covered it in the fondant, but it was still a little bumpy in the end.  The only other time I tried fondant, I covered an actual cake.  Cake was a lot harder to do, but it covered much smoother in the end..  Misty (who watches Cake Boss and knows all the cool tricks!) didn't have that problem with hers.  We've been eating the cocoa crispy treats for a few days now, and they are pretty much incredible.

These are little Thing One and Thing Two cupcakes, which I thought were adorable and they were super easy.

Dark chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, it was delish!

Birthday boy serving himself his own slice of pizza.  No one minded that he touched a few pieces in the process.  He's so big :(

Excuse me, little boy with the hair and gigantic eyes?  Please put down that drink with the straw, it makes you look waaaay too big!!

This photo, and the photo session it required deserves a post of it's own.  Hilarious. This is the best one, I promise!  And, I love my brother more than almost anyone on earth.  For real.  Just, FYI. 

My parents' TEN grand kids ages newborn to 7, what a hoot.

Pretty sure this is the only picture I got of the party favors on the tables in the background.

Could they be any sweeter?  They loved their birthdays.  LOVED.  I love this age, they are finally really aware that it's all about them. We've been talking about their birthdays for months, counting down the days, and I loved watching them get so excited when the day finally came. 

I had seen these little "look and find" bean bags a few times randomly over the last few weeks.  My friend's son had one that I loved, and I saw a set at the Children's Museum.  Thinking they'd make great gifts, and great party favors, I decided to try and make some myself.  It definitely wasn't as easy as it seemed in my head, but I love how they turned out.  My friend Katie, who is about to have a baby any minute, helped me with the first set which of course I have no pictures of.  Really?  That's just how I roll sometimes.  They were adorable, blue/yellow/red striped with a square window.  Use your imagination :)

The front has a clear plastic window sewn in, so you can see what's inside.

The back has a list of the items found inside, amongst the little poly pellets!  Poly pellets are ridiculously priced at Joann's, and I'm on the lookout for a cheaper alternative.  

So, you squish it around and try to find the items listed on the back through the little plastic window.  I love them!  

It was a super fun party, but we were missing a few of our favorite people.  Grandpa Don had surgery a few days before so he and Grandma Sue came over for dinner earlier in the week to celebrate with the boys.  They love their new Cozy Coupe and trailer :) 

What is it about boys and trains?  These two love going to the Haymarket to play.  So, that's what we did after short naps and dinner to finish off birthday weekend.

The weather was gorgeous, and it just felt good to relax for a few minutes and watch the kids burn off some of the sugar!

I love this picture of Reise!  It's so her.  "Whoa!"  Complete with the outfit she managed to leave the house in, and the spangled hair clips from last July 4th.  You can't see that she's also wearing cowboy boots.  Oh, Reise.

And, that's it.  It's over!  I know I will find a million things to love about not having babies in the house, but it's unbelievable that my youngest is so big already.  Here's to all things big kid like: never having to buy diapers again, everyone being able to use words to express themselves, being able to travel without a pack 'n' play or double stroller, never again finding a rotten, spoiled sippy of milk under the couch (not that it's ever happened here!)... 

Who knows, I might just walk around with my lower lip in a semi-permanent pout for a few more days. None of those things seem that awesome quite yet...  :) 

Choosing to love,


Marylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Mom Becky...you are a 'wonder'! Such a fun birthday for Rowen and Maeson...and everyone else. Thanks from "All Of Us"! Luv, Lao

christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

Pretty sure it's pronounced "fon-dont" like "Don". But could be wrong! Also, fruity pebbles make GREAT rice krispie treats too!! We like them even better than the cocoa ones. (They're gluten free, so I'm experimenting.) Looks & sounds like you've had a fun, busy birthday time as of late!!!

Amy Miles said... Best Blogger Tips

I know this post was a LONG time ago, but I love reading your blog even if it's old news :)

In regards to your fon-'daunt,' have you tried using gel food coloring instead of liquid? I took a cake decorating class a few years ago and the cost of the class included a cake decorating kit. In the kit was an entire box of gel food coloring in a wide array of colors. Ever since I took that class, it's ALL I use. They're inexpensive and long lasting, and you only need a tiny bit for anything that you're coloring, and texture won't be affected since you aren't adding liquid.

Amy Miles said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, and those cakes look AMAZING!