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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The boys received a sweet gift card to a fun place in town, and we used it last week in conjunction with one of our daycare buddy's birthday.  So fun!!  Mitch took the morning off, and came with us, which only made it better.

We loved it so much we're having the girls' birthday party there in a few weeks. 

Planning birthday parties for my little chickens makes me {over the moon} happy.  With so many of them, there aren't too many occasions to make it all about them.  Which, I am very thankful for.  I don't want my babies to be spoiled rotten and grow up unable to think outside of themselves.  Letting them have one day every year where it's all about them is about all they get.   

Really, they don't even get that.  The little boys share their party, and the girls share their party, and Rugger's birthday is overshadowed by Jesus's.  I don't feel even one bit guilty about making birthdays a big deal, do you hear me, Dr. Rosemond?!

We've sent the invites, planned the dessert, and I was up way too late last night trying to find cheap cupcake boxes online.  Which, shouldn't have been that hard.  No, I don't need 200.  No, I won't pay $12 for shipping.  I finally found them (50, with $6 shipping), jumped through a few hoops with paypal (verify my location by calling my landline at midnight!? OK, FINE!), and now they should be on their way!  

Happy Birthday, Isaac! 

I {heart} Ryleigh.  Love, Mom.

Yes, they were catching the bubbles in their mouths. So gross! 

No, Reise wasn't drunk.  I'm not sure what she was doing ;)  I love them! 

Photo Caption Contest...
So fun!  I'm already preparing myself for the post-party blues I'm sure will set in.  Maybe I should start now, planning a 4th of July bash...


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like the kids had a blast!
i love planning birthday parties too!! Seeing how happy the kids are about a party just for them is priceless! So much fun being a mommy!