"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Monday, May 9, 2011


Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras.

We have a bird's nest in our grill.  The same pair of birds try to do this every year, and we have always been successful in removing their efforts before they got too far into the process.  Unfortunately for us, it rained for a few days and we left the cover down long enough that they finished the job, and laid eggs this year.  So, we have a couple of free-loaders sharing our deck and preventing us from cooking our $$BEEF$$  :)  Ha!  

It's been really fun to watch them, tho and to peek in on their eggs.  I have no idea what kind of birds we're dealing with, Starlings?  They aren't Robins.  We're going to do some research and if we figure it out, I'll let you know!

We've spent a lot of time in our yard this week, and I'm loving the added color.  I'm trying to keep everything in pots this year, just in case we ever sell this house and move. 

Those long boxes are now hanging on my freshly painted front rail and they are going to be adorable when they are all blooming and full!

The girls had their end of the year dance recital with the homeschool co-op.  Some of our VIP's went, and it was a fun night. 

Reise has been so weird about going to Sunday school and dance class, lately.  She's the most outgoing girl I know, and suddenly turns into a hermit crab when we get to the door.  I usually just shake her off my leg, pull the door shut, and walk away.  Then, I peak in 30 seconds later, and she's totally fine.  Anyway, she had said that she really didn't want to perform, but ended up doing great.  I would probably have to say she's got a good thing going with her LEAP! :)

Ryleigh was pumped to show us some of her moves, claimed she was nervous, but we couldn't tell.

Someone forgot to tell Rowen that Papa isn't really a hugger :)  He's more of a high-five type of guy, but Rowen really doesn't care.  He touchy-feelied all night long and said, "I LUV Papa" on our way home from having frozen yogurt.  So sweet!

Mitch took Ryleigh and Rugger to "Take Your Child To Work" day at Dell.  Ryleigh got the 7am-11am shift, and Rugger got the afternoon.  They had so much fun!  Rugger's main concern was where they were going to eat lunch.  I told him of course they'd probably come home to eat, because that's what Daddy does every day!  He said, "text Dad and tell him I think we should definitely go to Chipotle today".  Hahahaha, he cracks me up.

We used our rain checks and went back to the horse races in Grand Island, and watched the ponies run!  

It's really weird to "pack" up for a day out of town and not actually pack anything.  Literally, no bag was packed.  No snacks, no waters, no sippy cups, no diapers, extra clothes, games, toys....nothing!  We have such big kids now, that we can just throw them into the van and know they'll be fine for 90 minutes.  Mercy.  It's weird.

Rugger and Ryleigh wore their Heelies, knowing there was a lot of room to skate inside.  They just love those shoes!  On our way out, Rugger was zooming along holding an opened bag of sunflower seeds.  Somehow he completely wiped out and tossed the seeds right into a little 10yr old girl.  He was mor.ti.fied.  I've never seen him act so awkward in all my life.  I told him that was a pretty smooth way to get a girl to notice him...

We love it that Maeson wears his Husker hat all day :) Cute little kid!!

The little boys have been skipping naps on a semi-regular basis lately on the weekends to accomodate family fun.  Maeson handles the no-nap thing pretty well, and will still fall sleep in the car if he's tired.  Rowen handles himself all day really well but never sleeps in the car.  The great thing is, he goes to sleep really easily a little early that night.  The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing is, he wakes up sreaming several times throughout the night after a no-nap day.  I hope he remembers the horse races and how much he loved watching those fast ponies, and doesn't remember waking up in the night! 

We went to see the firefighters do library story time last week, which the boys especially loved.  I was kind of reluctant to go and spend another morning away from home during an already buys week, but was so happy we went.  The men did a great job reminding us all about fire safety.

It had never occurred to me before that in the event of a fire (God forbid!), the people rescuing my children could seem super scary!  I can imagine that with all the smoke and chaos, a kid might actually hide from a person in a mask that sounds like Darth Vader.  My kids wouldn't even give him a high-five after they watched him get all dressed up in broad daylight.

They were afraid the sirens were going to be really loud :)

It's Ivanna Cone season again, and we are loving.  Every time DJ Steele has a meeting downtown, the kids and I get ice cream.  It's such a sweet deal (get it?)!  :)  

Then we race out to play on the trains.  Such a fun little break in the evening, we really look forward to it!

It's now climbed to 86 degrees in our humid house, waiting for my nappers to wake up all sweaty and crabby so we can go have some popice outside!  A/C guy and van window replacement guy are both coming tomorrow between 12 and 5, looking forward to resuming our already crazy life without those extra annoyances involved :)  We're off to Omaha tonight for a post-Mother's Day celebratory dinner at my parents' house.  I've got chicken marinating for my dad to grill, and my pasta salad is chilling!  My mom said she was going to warn the fish in her pond that the wild crazy beasts grandkids were coming...

Choosing to love,