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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I love my huge van, can I say that again please?  Thank you.  I love getting out and about with the sweetest, cutest, most fun, best-behaved little kids I know.  (Well, that may be an exaggerated, biased mother's viewpoint!)  Love it.  The weather being picture perfect sure doesn't hurt a bit. 

Guess what they were all singing..."Follow the yellow brick road..." :) Thank you, Micah!

We found another park thanks to Lincoln Safari, and then another new bonus park.  The second one we found on accident on our way there, but it was closed for tree maintenance (which was interesting to watch from outside the gates, anyway) so we'll have to go back later.  I've lived in this town all my life, and evidently just never got out much.  So  fun!! 

We had trouble finding the post, which made it kind of fun.  Ryleigh would love to find a mystery and solve it with clues.  If she could just come across a real mystery like Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden.  Why are they so hard to find!!??  She's got a pen, paper, and magnifying glass in her purse at all times ready to go.  The guide book's clue said to look for a tree that was split, but we never did find it.  We decided that maybe it was just too dangerous to be left in the park, and it was removed.  That, or it was struck by lightning and burned all the way up (-Rugger). 

I've gotten old and crabby, and I'll just go ahead and say that I really dislike gravel parks.  Make that old, crabby, and snobby.  I love the new squishy turf stuff that doesn't come home with us and end up in my vacuum.   

I will say, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the change in scenery and play equipment, even if the rocks in their shoes were pretty annoying.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who was annoyed.  None of the kids seemed to care that they weighed an extra pound afterward. 

You don't find these awesome high, fast slides anymore.  The metal is waaaaaay faster than the new-fangled antimicrobial plastic ones.  I am so old. 

So another spot marked off in our Safari books, another fun morning for my chickens, and a freshly swept out van thanks to all that gravel :)

Choosing to love,