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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tiny {Adorable}

I love anything miniature.  Anything that's just like the original, only in a tiny version just screams {adorable} to me.  Obviously I'm not alone, just look at the shelves full of mini candy bars :)

Are you serious??

Too cute.

All four of "our" eggs hatched last night.  I know it was last night, because every day I ask my handsome husband to go check the nest.  He rolls his eyes, but honestly can't deny he's interested.  I refuse to go near the grill without backup because of an incident that occured one morning when I was 11, on my paper route.  Evidently I delivered a newspaper a little too close to a nest, and the mama dive bombed me and pecked my head repeatedly!  Talk about Angry Birds...I'll never be the same.  Ha!  This morning, there they were.  We still don't know what kind of bird we have, I failed to research that this week.  Those bright yellow beaks just kill me!  So {adorable}!

Hopefully these little babies fare better than Sadie (RIP).  The cat is stalking the grill like he hasn't eaten in weeks...so fingers crossed that the lid stays down and the birds stay in :)  During my very limited Google-ing I read that most birds take about two weeks to hatch, and then about 21 days to leave the nest.  So, I figure we've got less than a month or so until we can grill again. 

Happy weekending,


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

i bet your kids love that nest! how fun! :)