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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost a Mini-Vacation.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did wash my hair in the hospital bathroom sink this morning.  With hand soap.  And, as a matter of fact, it looks pretty good.

I could watch this kid sleep all day.  I've been so thankful for the quiet one-on-one time we've had together, without any distractions.  If we were home I'd be worried about laundry, meals, four other kids, and whether or not the sick one looked hydrated.

The fact that some people are forced into this as a lifestyle isn't lost on me.  My baby boy just has an infection, and it'll clear up in the next day or two.  I know this won't last for weeks or months on end, and the mere thought of doing this day in and day out, with a really sick baby just breaks my heart. We are very blessed with healthy children.  A little throat virus turned bacterial and nasty really fast, and his tonsils and lymph nodes need to be treated with IV antibiotics and steroids.  We're praying that by tomorrow morning, he'll have improved so much that we won't need a CT to look for an abscess.  Our ENT is pretty confident that in most kids, a small abscess will clear on it's own without having to drain it.

He's a pretty sick little dude, and he does a lot of this {sleeeeeeep}.  It took a combination of nurses and an anesthesiologist 13 sticks to get his IV in.  The ER had used up three good veins the day before, so it was slim pickin's to start with, and everyone knew it wouldn't be an easy task.  The one that finally took is only in about half-way.  So far it's held up, and we're praying it doesn't come out or go bad.  When he's not being messed with, he pretty much just passes out.  He always wakes up crying.  After gagging on some Tylenol last night, he fights his fever-reducers.  It's not all fun and games.

Dear Bruce-The-Volunteer-Hospital-Magician, I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get to see your act, but even more disappointed that you barged in here and disturbed my sleeping kid! Sorry he was in no mood to watch your tricks after you woke him up and scared him half-to-death. {I think I liked the therapy dog from yesterday better.} Sincerely, Momzilla

But seriously?  It's so quiet in here.  I only have one little boy to tend to.  Most of my friends have unlimited texting plans.  There's free Wi-Fi.  And, my hair honestly looks fantastic.  I am not complaining.

Our family and friends have made our lives so easy, and I am so grateful it brings me to tears.  We don't deserve the people who love us so much!



LaoLao & Papa said... Best Blogger Tips

Of course you deserve us (family), we worry & PRAY right along with you, wish we could take some of the stress, BUT Mom & Dad are the best help right now. Just know we 'Luv ya'.

Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

how scary! it is never fun to have such a sick little one! glad he is ok!
ps. can i get some meal posts? i am at a loss about what to cook and i need to hear what other moms cook :)

Kathy Porter said... Best Blogger Tips

So sorry to hear about your little guy. Just glad it's treatable. Take in this quiet, alone time with him. He's precious!! <3

cwiedel3 said... Best Blogger Tips

Becky, you are such a good mommy! AND I love your blog. You sweet child looks so peaceful. I hope everything is back to normal for you all very very soon!