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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I got a note in an envelope last night from Ryleigh: "Mom, can we go to Target for you-know-what?"  I wrote back: "Yes, good idea.  Dad will have to stay home from church with Rowen tomorrow, so we can stop there on our way home.  I won't tell him."  A few minutes later, Reise delivered another note from Ry: "No, you don't understand.  I want to buy some ballet slippers."  Hahahahahahahaha!  That girl just kills me.

In the end, the little sweetheart did spend $5.99 of her birthday money for a singing Father's day card.  It features, "Girls just wanna have fuu-uunnnnn...."  She thought it was just hilarious!

Happy Father's Day to the very best, most involved, helpful, supportive, concerned, hardworking, handsome daddy out there.

We love you so much!

P.S. Rowen is so much better!  He's had some rough spots and still wears out pretty fast, but I think he feels pretty good most of the time!  He's definitely not the sick little boy we took to the ER a week ago today.  What a crazy week.  Thanks to everyone for the prayers and help with kids, meals, etc.  It feels good to be on the upswing!


Life with Kaishon said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful family you have. Love the love you shared in this post.