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Monday, June 13, 2011

Jazz in June

One of our favorite family activities to start off the summer, is Jazz in June.  Our friends meet us, we eat our dinner and relax the night away.  It's especially relaxing when the dads take the children away from us...  :)  So wonderful!  Nothing beats a lawn chair on a summer night, that's for sure.  The first concert of the summer happened to be on Reise's actual birthday, which was fun!

It's a great place to people watch.  And, mascot watch.  Weirdest looking mascot I ever saw...an Otter.  Never would have come up with that on my own, believe me.  I just sat there dumbfounded by the whiskers.  Clearly, Rugger had no problem with him.  Her?  Look at those eyelashes.  Leads me to believe it's Miss Otter.

By chance we ended up next to the jugglers.  Sa-weet. 

This night could not have been more low-key.  Until it was time to leave.  Somehow the balloon that Reise had tied to her flip flop (which was on her foot, of course) got tangled up with her other leg.  In the middle of the crosswalk.  Of a busy downtown street.  Imagine a puppy getting tangled up in it's own leash, only it was a balloon and instead of just tripping her way across the street, she just stopped and screamed and cried like a complete maniac.  Heavens to Betsy.  It was incredible.  I just laughed hysterically because it was that insane (it's laugh or cry, right?).  Mitch, did not laugh (or cry, I guess there is a 3rd option).  Oh, my!  Poor girl, she just lost it.  She never really recovered, and I hated that she ended her birthday so dramatically and abruptly, but the only thing to do was put her to bed.  

This week the balloons will not be tied to anything, and naps will be required before we go.  Hello!  I'm already looking forward to it :)



Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

its josh the otter :) google it. :)
what a fun night!