"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Sunday, June 5, 2011


My sister and I are 12 months and 13 days apart, so that means we shared birthday parties growing up.  I don't remember many parties, but I do remember that one year we finally asked my mom to tell my aunts and uncles not to get us matching gifts.  

My girls are 3 years and 3 days apart, and for the last five years they've shared their party.  Ryleigh obviously doesn't remember the three birthday parties she received, solo.  She's gotten a little sensitive lately, about being the oldest and always having to share everything.  I get it.  It's completely understandable, yet kind of unavoidable.  And, it's super handy...what can I say?

Party favor assembly.  Everyone helped decorate the boxes, and Ryleigh helped stuff them.  I used 4x4x2 pastry boxes which I found online, and lined them with coffee filters.  The coffee filter was a last-minute accidental discovery, which I thought turned out great.  Love it when that happens! 

I found these cupcake bites via the Martha Stewart website, created by a gal named BakerellaMisty had mentioned her before, but I had never laid eyes on such amazing dipped things :)  So fun!  The quick recipe: bake a cake, crumble it, mix in about 1/2 can cream cheese frosting, form into balls (or cupcakes), dip in almond bark.  Not difficult, but pretty time consuming, and it takes some practice to get them to look pretty.

I am certainly NOT the next Bakerella, my dipping skills need some refinement.  I ended up with several combinations of almond bark flavors and colors.  Not because I'm super creative and thought of it beforehand.  Mostly because I ran out of almond bark, and was forced to get creative to get the job done.  :)

Last year we invited entire families to the girls' party.  The girls from our small group make up the majority of the guest list, so I thought it made sense to just invite everyone...boys, girls, moms, dads.  This seemed to be perfectly acceptable to everyone involved at the time, and we had a blast.  Then, in December, Rugger had a boys-only guest list, and it all hit the fan.  

So, this year the girls were allowed to invite just their girl friends (plus family!).  I hope their little friends felt special when they got to leave the house without their siblings.  I know our kids feel so cool when they get invited somewhere by themselves.

Believe me, there were a few eye rolls when Ryleigh realized her brothers were still totally going to be there.  Luckily, Lost in Fun is big enough for everyone to have some space :)  I get it, he can be a pest...look at him!  He's funny though, I can't help but laugh.


Chase and Dekker had a hilarious moment at the water fountain, it really cracked me up.  At one point Dekker clapped for Chase for figuring it out, then stuck his hand in Chase's pant pocket.  They took turns, and "talked" it all out.  Adorable! 

Rugger is such a sweetheart, and someday those girls will really appreciate him.  He noticed that Jacob was standing outside the big group of kids playing in the bubbles and went out to help him get in there.  He's so observant and thoughtful sometimes!  The girls just don't see it quite yet :)  I hope Rowen and Maeson are taking notes. 

The kids played hard, had a snack, played some more, and before I knew it they were heading out the door.  Most of them were long gone before I realized I never handed out the blasted treat boxes!!  WHAT!??  I literally ran out the door to see if there was anyone left in the parking lot.  I couldn't believe it...all that baking, mixing, shaping, dipping, painting, boxing...and I'm going to drag them all back home?  I could have cried.  Oh, well!  I got the majority of them delivered the next day, and it turned out to be a great excuse to have a mini girls' night while the boys were at t-ball practice...

All's well that ends well, isn't that what they say?  Ryleigh and Reise had a great time at their par-tay :)

Choosing to love,