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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am completely w.i.p.e.d out.  Only, I don't actually feel it because I'm under the influence of Aleve D (cold and sinus, the D is for decongestant).  I promise you, if it wasn't so shady to do such things, I'd take this stuff every day.  Is this how people get hooked on drugs?  Good night, Irene, it makes me feel soo goooood.  Seriously!  I feel better with a cold than I do regularly.  I'm like Miss Energy.  Anyway, I plug my camera in to upload my pics of the last weekend (really, a 4 day spree of madness and mayhem) and sure enough.  607 images.  Just clicking my finger that many times is probably enough to make me require a nap (sans drugs, of course).  Goodness, me. 

I am with my kids a lot.  Really, like, 24/7ish.  Something weird happens to me when I see them doing stuff like this:

I just can't stop myself from staring at them.  Mouth-open, half-laughing, grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

Rugger is the best...those faces!  He's just concentrating so ding dang hard, and the lights are bright, and what if I forget a move??  Then, he's also just a total boy who evidently doesn't realize he's got an audience?  For real dude, keep it together!  It absolutely kills me.  I hope I never get over it.  He's so hilarious!!

The teacher's dream, Ryleigh...after spending every single afternoon last week practicing in the basement.  I love her so much, I can't stand it.

Reise wasn't technically supposed to go-since she's not actually starting Kindergarten this year.  But, she is technically old enough to go, so I sent her, and she loved it!  She made a new "friend", and when I asked her what she liked about her (a teen helper), she said, "she calls me adorable all the time!".  Well, fair enough.  I'd probably like someone who called me adorable all the time, too! :) 

Watching them Friday night, I almost forgot about the ridiculously busy week of driving my non air conditioned gas guzzler across town twice or more every single day.  I almost forgot how completely irrational I had become by Friday at 3:30pm when I thought I was actually going to die from sweating.  When my grandma sweetly complimented me for making the effort to get them to music camp all week, I had to laugh.  "Oh, you should have seen me this afternoon, I went nuts!" 

PTL, my handsome husband is taking care of the van tomorrow.  Whew!  We might actually make it thru VBS next week.  Lord willing!  They had a great week, and it was so fun to watch them show us what they'd learned.  I'd do it again, sweat and all. 

Choosing to love (and I DO love those chickens!!),


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

you crack me up! i will have to remember this aleve D when I can get back on the good stuff! :)