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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mid-July Anxiety

So begins my annual panic regarding the rate at which summer is flying by.  

It's weird, because it's so hard for me to let go of winter.  Then, by mid-July I'm hanging on to every last late night pool party and foolishly serving popsicles on the deck at 8pm knowing the sugar will prolong bedtime.  Again.

 I love summer, once it's finally here.  I loved June.  And, I hate that July is already half over. 

Here's to at least one more month of BBQ's, water fights, and fire pit nights.

We're finishing up a crazy, fun, rewarding, exhausting, craaaazy-busy week of VBS...and then heading out to camp and cabin in Colorado for the next week. 

We are so looking forward to some time to just chill, relax, see new things, do fun things, eat lots of junk things... :)  

Tent camping for seven?  We shall see...!

I have no idea what it takes to pack for this family to tent camp, because I haven't started yet.  :)



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

awww... youre such a good mommy to do so much fun stuff with your kiddos! The panic for me begins when I walk into store and see the dreaded BACK TO SCHOOL signs! ugh.... i dont even have kids in school... but it still gives me the eeby jeebies ! haha ~ Elisha
Grown By Grace blogspot

Becky@IfTheseWallsSpoke said... Best Blogger Tips

I was just at Walmart and thought the same thing! Then went to Super Saver and they were advertising baby carrots as "great for kids' school lunches" what...??? Give us a month, please! :)