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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Fourth in Tweets

"Ever had to haul 5 sleeping kids out of their beds and drive a spare amplifier down the Interstate for your DJ husband?  Oh, me neither."  11:30pm, July 1.

What can you do after a night like that?  Move along to the rest of the weekend, that's what! :)

"Gorgeous weather for this morning's food distribution! Getting my ducks in a row now for a big ol' BBQ at our house. Can't wait!" 2pm, July 2.

"Headed to Grand Island for a birthday party, over nap time, with a bunch of tiiiiired. kids!"  11:30am, July 3.

"I could sit here all day.  I just might!" 10am, July 4.

"If you aren't sick of hot dogs and hamburgers by July 5, then you didn't do it right." 12pm, July 4.

"Getting our strategy together for the First Annual Sallinger vs. Crounse July 4th Water Fight!..."  2pm, July 4.

"Rowen and Maeson passed out b/f Gretna on our way home from Omaha. Too much fun at Gma's pool :) Now begins the official countdown til VACA!"  - 7pm, July 5.

What can you do after an amazing 4-day spree of fun like that?  Take some Aleve D, and start planning your family vacation, that's what.  8 days...



rh said... Best Blogger Tips

well that's a little embarrassing.

Life with Kaishon said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks like the BEST weekend ever. Awesome tweets. Perfect pictures throughout. What a fun, fun post! LOVE this.