"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Friday, August 12, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

We still have "the piranha," which does have a name but I can't remember what it is.  He's a little over 7 years old, and he eats goldfish.  Nothing earth shattering, but it's kind of a weekly thing over here and I figure we may as well document it!  Come on over some morning after a feeding, it smells awesome in the basement.

I happened to have no daycare kids last Friday afternoon, and wanted to take the kids to the pool.  The pool near our house is beautiful and clean with zero entry and perfect for taking five kids alone.  That pool had chlorine issues, so I thought-we'll just head over to this other pool.  A pool's a pool, right?  Not so much.  This other pool had a separate baby pool, and the "big" pool's shallowest end was 3ft.  What's the big deal?  Well, I have two little boys who can't stand up in the 3ft.  You can't bring rafts or floaties or anything into the public pools (safety, I know...).  So, what do we do?  Either all of us stay in the baby area, or I have two clingons in the big pool for 3 hours. Mercy!

No one but me seemed bothered by the pool issues.  So, we just rolled with it.  I ended up letting the little boys jump in one at a time and then "swim" back to the edge.  Repeat x 1000.  Upper arm workout!  It poured for a while, too, which the kids thought was fantastic.

We {heart} birthdays over here.  Our buddy Eli turned eight on Monday, so we made a cake and went to Lost in Fun.  Going for cool-mom/babysitter points, I told the kids they could eat all the cake they wanted.  No one even made it through their 2nd piece.  So funny!  I still got the kudos for being 100% awesome, and no one went into a sugar coma.  Win-Win.

Lost in Fun was a blast.  Those kids played so hard, and wouldn't have left if I hadn't dragged them out.

They each got a package of crackers from the concession stand at Noon, and lasted until 1:45 with no lunch.  We definitely got our admission's fee worth, love that!  Look at the bottoms of their feet, can we say filthy?   They ate their packed lunch in the van on the way home.  It was basically the perfect day.  Happy birthday, E!

There's about a week when my summer kids overlap with my school-year kids.  The school-year kids' mom has to go back to work about a week before the summer kids go back to school.  Make sense?  So I have about a week of a really full house.  What a great week for us to have gorgeous weather!

The kids spent an entire day making up this cookie/drink/paper airplane/paper fan stand.  They figured up the prices of everything (including some buy-one-get-one-free items, and free drink included with purchase items!) and made signs.  I left the big girls alone in the kitchen with a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and returned to throw them into the oven for them.  Ryleigh has been making all of our banana bread for about a year now; the girl can follow directions!  They were so proud of themselves, loved it!

They were pretty disappointed by the turn out.  Thankfully my daycare moms are legit and gave them some business.  Whew!  50% of their proceeds will be donated to JDRF, so they can add another $2.76 to their books for 2011.  Yea!

I just love stuff like this.  Slivers of parenting hope, I tell you again!

I wish I had snapped a pic of my dinner at Lazlo's last night.  It was delicious and my date was handsome as evva.  Just because I'm not dedicating a post to my 10th wedding anniversary doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything to me.  It just means that besides all the mom-ing and daycare-ing and wife-ing I've been doing this week, I've also been painting, sewing, fixing, and cleaning.   We're putting our house on the market  (like, for reals) today.  Our newest FSBO sign blew away, so we're taking it as a "sign" that we need to hand this task over to the professionals.  Praying it sells in an instant, and we can go back to living like slobs here soon.  :)

Happy Weekending,