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Friday, August 26, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

I haven't made a decent Target run since Christmas.  CHRISTMAS!  That was 9 months ago.  That's just completely and utterly ridiculous.  The girls found some birthday money we had tucked away (basically, kind of lost on accident), and Ryleigh had a gift card saved up, too.  It was so fun!

About an hour in, Reise said her head was "pounding" which meant nothing to me.  I figured she just wanted a drink of my diet coke or something.  She's always complaining about something and I know her better than anyone and even I can't tell real from not.  An hour after that we got home to discover she had a temp of 103.7.  Whoopsie daisy, not winning any Mother of the Year awards here.  Sorry, Babe.  Straight to bed with Motrin and plans to call the dr in the morning. 

By Saturday at Noon we had three on antibiotics.  Good grief, Sallingers.  Pull yourselves together!

Thankfully, Ryleigh was not sick Saturday for her BFF's birthday party at the movie theater.  I don't know what we would have done had she been forced to miss it!

That snaggletooth in front is finally out.  It wasn't a easy pull, I'll give her that.  The Tooth Fairy brought bubble tape and a movie, so I think she feels like it was a fair trade.  Thankfully the fairy works on the honor system, because Ryleigh dropped that tooth somewhere in her dresser and we can not locate it.  I just know it's going to be me that stumbles upon it when I do The Great Seasonal Clothing Switcheroo for Fall.  Gag me!

We spend $200 at the grocery store every week.  Yes, that's five dozen eggs.  Don't worry, we reuse those plastic sacks.  And, that's all I really wanted to say about that.  

I am over a month late in sending our homeschool paperwork to the state.  It should be there by now, and I told them we weren't starting school until September, so I'd say I'm actually kind of early.  We're waiting on a few things: some math books, our Spanish curriculum, and the desire to spend more time inside than out.  I think September will be just fine.

Speaking of homeschool, since I didn't have to haul my girl to 2nd grade at the crack of dawn the next morning, I took her to work with me one night this week.  We had such a great time together.  Her ability to quietly (and I mean, silently) entertain herself for five straight hours continues to amaze me.  She read books, did some typing lessons on the internet, made some lists, practiced some handwriting, had some snacks, ran to the copy room for me...  It was so fun.  Back at home, Mitch and Rugger got to spend some time together after the smallest two kids went to bed.  Win-Win-Win.

I love meeting my sister and her boys at the park (or, anywhere) during the week.  If not for these play dates I wouldn't get to spend nearly enough time with my nephews.  

The only way I can get Rowen to sit still with me anymore is to trick him.  It's sad.  :(  "Hey Rowen, come sit with me!"  No!  "I'll read you a train book?"  Uhhh, no.  "I'll rub your back!"  Noooooo!  "Let's take some pictures with my phone!!!"  We'll see how long that one works...

Let's just all agree that one margarita is all this mama can handle on an early evening date night.  More than one leads to me saying over and over, "I am having a hard time."  I don't know if I should be proud or mortified that my tolerance is that low.  Wow! 

I feel like this week has lasted a month, and not even necessarily in a bad way, it's just been a loooong time since that Target run last Friday night!  Whooooweeee.  The minute I say I'm ready for a relaxing weekend three of us will get sick, the a/c will go out, and 14 events I forgot about will pop up out of nowhere.  We're just looking forward to a fun day, and the last Jacob's Well block party of the summer tonight!  So, Happy Friday is all I'm sayin'!  :)  Have a good one!



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