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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ryleigh's JDRF Video 2011

It's not too late to join Team Sallinger for this year's Walk to Cure Diabetes!

Before you click PLAY on this video of Ryleigh telling you why she wants a cure for diabetes, scroll down to the bottom of this page and pause the music.  OR, click HERE to leave this page and go to youtube to view it!

Also, maybe after I'm retired from being a full-time mom/teacher/daycarelady I will become a professional video/audio editor.  Until then, please turn your speakers up, excuse the noise from the insects in our backyard, and ignore the sound of me turning the pages of Ry's cue cards behind the camera :)

Isn't she sweet?  I love that smile!!! 

I will never forget the year we totaled up our garage sale money to donate and she said, "is that enough?"...enough, for what?..."enough for a cure?" (*cue big fat tears*).  If only we could donate a dollar for every time she's said in frustration, "I just wish I was like a normal kid!"

Diabetes is definitely a huge pain in the neck, and we know it'll take a toll on Ryleigh's body, just like it's affected Mitch.  It's something that needs to be managed every single day, and it's no picnic.  But.  We are hopeful that one day soon, a cure will be found.  Someday insulin, test strips, trips to the Endocrinologist will all be a distant memory.  Until then, we refuse to let diabetes define our kid, or our family.

Once a year we will make it a big deal.  Will you help us make it a really BIG deal this year?!

Click HERE to donate, or to sign up to walk.  It's not too late to get a team t-shirt either, I hate to admit it.  I haven't ordered yet, so email me if you want one (include your size!).  This is also "last call" for sponsorship opportunities!  If you (or your boss) want IN, let me know and get me a logo! 

Thank you!