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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Zooing

Turns out, the Zoo on the weekend is much different than the weekday Zoo.  Much.  I've been under the mistaken impression that weekends would be packed, and there would be fewer people visiting during the week.  During the middle of the work week.  Hello? 

So not true!  The Zoo was dead this weekend.  Maybe it was the "intense heat and oppressive humidity", I don't know.  That could have been it.

Very strange to be able to ride the ponies and have my handsome husband along for the company.  He even carried a backpack so I was stroller free with free hands the whole time.  That's a weird way for me to experience the Zoo.  Two adults and 5 kids, no stroller?  Huh?

Thanks, Easter Bunny, for the pony ride tickets.  That was a great choice!

It was kind of luxurious.  The free hands, no stroller, extra adult thing.  I even remembered quarters for goat food...that's how luxurious my brain felt. 

We found another rubbing post for our Lincoln Safari books while we were there.

I tell you what, those boys and the trains.

Did I mention the intense heat and oppressive humidity?  

We waited a whole train ride so they could be first in line to get the back seat.  It's the little things, you know.  

Slivers of parenting hope, here.  Rugger is such a great big brother.

I love being with my kids all week, and we go and do all over the place.  We love meeting our friends, and I'm always up for picking up so-and-so on our way...the more the merrier!

There's something about bringing the daddy along, and not having any extras that just feels good.  Love a family weekend!