"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Fun

I love them!  The girls had so much fun doing cheer camp at the high school this week.  Every evening we put a few miles on the minivan to get them to practice (and were reminded of how grateful we are that we don't do all that driving, all the time!).  Then, they got to perform at the Varsity football game on Friday night. 

Grandma and Grandpa took the three boys out to eat beforehand, which was so great.  The girls and I hung out, did hair, touched up nails, and grabbed a few drive-thru egg rolls for dinner :)  On our way there we ran to exchange Reise's black pants for a smaller size...we live on the edge like that, ripping the tags off in the parking lot and wearing them straight onto the field.

The boys had fun asking questions about football to everyone except me.  They know better, Mommy has no clue.  Aunt Lynnette is their best bet there, truly.  I hope they choose baseball.  I love baseball.  I know baseball.  Baseball is very, very, very easy to understand.  

Rugger asked about snacks about one billion times until I finally told him if I heard the word snack one more time we were leaving (or something like that).  I swear, didn't you just eat?  I know you did! 

Oh, tiny, itty, bitty, little baby girl Reise!!!  For as outgoing, independent and confident as she is most of the time, she was pretty darn shy!  She stayed really close to her new "friend" (the high schooler) the whole time.  She looked adorable and tiny out there :)

This one cried, hemmed, and hawed for weeeeeks over being too nervous to cheer in front of a large crowd.  Evidently she forgot all of that, because she was whooping it up the entire time.  I am not kidding.  She was so very cheer leader-ish.  It was incredible, surprising, and hilarious! 

The minute she got back up to the stands she asked how long until the next Cheerios camp.  Hello, that'll be a long year to wait! 

It was such a fun night, and the weather was perfect.  We got some M&M's and stayed thru the third quarter, even.  (Rugger got lucky, they were out of anything non-sugar.)  Loved it!  

If I could freeze time right now, I so would.  The kids' ages are so perfect, I can't imagine loving the next stage as much as I do this one.  Lord, come quickly!

Choosing to love,