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Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Village

It was...perfect. 

It almost feels like if I attach words to how I felt about "the walk" this weekend, it'll ruin it.  It's so big, and anything I say will make it seem smaller and less significant than it was.

I love our people.  This is the Village our kids get to grow up in, and this is really good stuff.

The rain threatened, and there was a brief moment of t-shirt panic, but it all worked out.  The weather turned beautiful, and we had the perfect number of shirts.  It's no small miracle that it works out like it does, every single time.  I miss emails, forget names, delete texts...and somehow, we end up covering everyone.  I know nobody would die if they got missed, but it's important to me.  We appreciate everyone's role on our team so much.

The numbers aren't officially in yet, but I feel very confident saying our team raised at least $5,000.  We think that's pretty awesome :)

Even if we didn't raise a dime, this girl walks away each year feeling like she has a giant support system.  That's a big deal. 

What the heck, Blake!?  Swallow a turtle?  I took 6 shots of this table and he's doing that face in all of them!  I about woke the nappers, I was laughing so loud this afternoon :)

Dear Ryleigh, we want you to know that we are right behind you until a cure is found.  We will rally the troops, raise money, put on matching shirts, and give up a Sunday afternoon just to show you how much we love you.  Insulin, pump sets, Dr's appointments, and low blood sugars at 3am are no picnic...and no one handles it better than you.  Diabetes will never define you, because you are so much more than a disease.  It's just one very small part of the amazing person you are, and hopefully one day it will all be a distant memory.  Until then, we'll be here, every year.  Love you so much, xoxo, Mom.

Dear Village, we love you so much.

Thank you,


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh how we love this girl!

Tkyncl said... Best Blogger Tips

that is awesome!

Tisha said... Best Blogger Tips

So Sweet! thanks for sharing

Becky@IfTheseWallsSpoke said... Best Blogger Tips

TISHA! So nice to hear from you, love ya Vegas Friend!