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Friday, September 2, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

This is going to be a quick phone dump!

Last Friday night was the last Jacob's Well block party of the summer.  We gave out over 600 pop ice!

What good little helpers, huh?  We brought home an extra kid, and those girls partied hard until 10pm :) 


Ryleigh loves science.  Let's just spend a Saturday night reading a text book and doing experiments in the kitchen, sound good? 

Who says men can't multi-task?  No big deal, just keeping U-Stop in business filling both vans at the same time.  Sprung for a car wash that night, too. Whew!

Photo caption:  "The Girls' Closet"  Alternate title: "The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back".  This space was completely organized 24 hours prior.  After a really busy morning trying to keep everything clean while getting NINE kids out the door to the zoo so we could be gone while a potential buyer looked at the house...I walked in and saw this.  Half the kids were already in the van, so there was really nothing I could do but shut the door.  And try not to cry.  It still looks like that, by the way.  Haven't touched it!  Don't plan to!

Rugger shocked me with several sneaky moves during this game of checkers.  Like, shocked my socks off, for real.  I'm still trying to decide if he just got lucky, or if he really planned ahead several moves and caught me off guard more than once.   Hmm.... I think we need a rematch.

It was a hot night for a tailgate party, but it was fun! 

A few years ago, Reise went through a stage with scissors.  At one point I said, "you'll probably never be allowed to use scissors...ever again."  And, I meant it.  I think she cut a few shirts and a pair of pants.  So far
(knock on wood!) no one has tried to cut hair.  Well, I take that back.  Once at my sister's house a huge clump of hair showed up but we're not sure what happened.  I think we decided Reise and Andrew must have been involved, and it was obviously Reise's hair, but no one saw it happen.  And, I couldn't find a bald spot...so, really it's still a mystery.  Anyway...I think we may have forgotten to reinstate the scissor privileges at some point.  Little Miss needs some scissors practice!!  Working on it.

My Lao made some amazing applesauce for us this week.  Wait.  Yesterday.  2 quarts were almost completely gone after one snack time.  The kids loved it so much.  This makes me excited for FALL and apple orchards!

Well girls, are we having a sale here?  Or....  No.  Just cleaning out Ryleigh's purse.  I think she might be a hoarder.  Reise is sifting through to see if there's anything worth stealing, I think.

After over a week of intentionally looking for caterpillars in our yard, the kids finally hit the mother-load on Wednesday.  Out of nowhere, they found at least TEN!  We did some google-ing and read that some bugs will eat each other if they're in the same jar.  So, guess who rounded up enough jars for each to have his own?  We have high hopes at least a few will turn into butterflies! 

And, that is it.  Happy Friday, and enjoy the loooooong weekend! 


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

Any new owners WANT to KNOW the secret hiding places for "things, aka junk", so you just did them a favor by leaving the girls' closet that way. :) Hope the showing was successful. It'll happen at the exact right time! Luv, Lao