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Friday, September 16, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

I am still loving Phone Photo Friday.  I love not feeling the need to haul my actual camera around 24/7 and still being able to snap a pic so I don't forget some of the little things that create an entire week over here.

Peaches were on sale this week, and we bought another 15lbs...just to give us something to do.  You know, since we're kind of bored around here.  We're eating smoothies like craaazy, and going through them pretty fast all of a sudden. (That's what I told my handsome husband, to justify the extra trip to the store, and the hassle it's created.  And, it's true!)  :)

Love being able to have cousins over for craft time :)  I do love my "job", the best part is being able to spend time with people I want to spend time with during the day.

I was finally able to face the girls' closet last weekend.  It was kinda painful, but at least it's stayed this way for almost a week.  Hi, Jason!  (Our realtor kindly reminded me after this post that people actually do open closet doors during showings.) 

Mitch declared free cuss night half-way thru organizing the hall closets.  The little ears were way down in the basement, and he had me rolling on the floor laughing at his remarks regarding some of the items I'd chosen to save.  You're right, Dear.  We will never actually return those 5yr-Guarantee light bulbs to Phillips, even if they do burn out before then.  There's no reason to save the packaging and receipts, for five sets of bulbs.  That's completely ridiculous. 

Much better, if I do say so myself.  At least you could find a pair of snow boots if happened to snow tomorrow.  You never know! 

I'd rather clean my bathroom 583 times than organize a closet, I have no idea what my problem is.  Turns out it only took 20 minutes of my life, and I enjoy life more when I'm not getting knocked in the face by flying debris when I open closet doors.  Plus, now I don't look like a candidate for the Hoarders show (which I've never seen, just heard about).  We do have stuff, folks.  There are seven people living in this house, and we need stuff like towels and cleaning supplies and mittens.  At least it's folded nicely and stacked straight now. 

Rowen.  He is so adorable and sweet, yet prone to wildness and misbehaviors like no other preschooler we've ever had.  Rugger was pretty crazy, but either we've forgotten, or Rowen actually places a notch higher on the "all boy" scale.  Either way, he's a very loving, super sweet, and insanely cute "handful".  I have no idea how much he picks up when we do "preschool" because he's really not the kind of kid who sits still and gives eye contact for more than two seconds.  Tonight?  With no real prompting he recited this week's Bible verse, and then rattled off last week's!  Clear as a bell, with no errors.  Ryleigh and I about dropped over dead with shock.  I had no idea.  Crazy kid!

The girls spent an hour or more making our dinner tonight.  They were so excited.  Isn't she funny?  "You can start here and get your plate..."  Loved it.

The counters were completely covered, and I felt like I suddenly developed claustrophobia just looking at the "buffet".

Forks, wrapped in napkins.  Of course!

Ryleigh took up a collection for the meal, all proceeds will be donated to JDRF.  Of course!

Plain bagel with cream cheese for dinner?  Fine by this guy.  But hey, why the fork??

Have you seen those hilarious "People of Walmart" sites?  Thought about entering Reise the other day.  Who am I to question her sense of fashion?

It's impossible for me to believe that we're two days away from the JDRF walk.  The t-shirts should be done today, and we'll be busy delivering tonight and tomorrow.  Have a great weekend, all.  We'll see a lot of you on Sunday...104 of you to be exact!!



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