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Friday, September 30, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

This has been a weird week as far as schedule goes, so it doesn't feel like a Friday to me!  "The baby" hasn't been here since Monday (her Gram is in town, and I'm so happy they got to spend some QT this week!), I didn't work my usual shift on Thursday, and....wait for it....I worked out this morning.  5am.  I'm going to complain about it all day, and talk about it to everyone I know so that I have some accountability to keep going.  Three short months 'til I'm laying on the beautiful beaches of Cancun with an Electric Lemonade in my hand, and I'm not going to look like an old lady who's wrecked her body with four pregnancies, and never got up off the couch a day afterward.  Mmmmkay!!??

We've had a super great school week.  Super.  The rest-time situation has been working beautifully.  The kids who aren't doing school, but don't really need naps, are allowed to play in their nap spot for one hour while the bigs do their reading/writing.  They can't get out of their nap spot, and they have to be quiet, otherwise I take the toys away (because I'm super mean like that).  Sometimes they'll just fall asleep half-way thru on their own, which is completely fine with me.  We all know if Rowen's nodded off because the house becomes incredibly quiet :)  Even tho he's resting, he's still pretty noisy.  Regardless, everyone is back up after an hour to do our preschool stuff, and it's been so nice.  Love having that hour of quiet for the big kids, and love that the littles can kind of "reset" during that hour if they need to.

Love him so much.

Last year we got literally nothing from our garden.  This year we've got tomatoes!

I loved my Mother's Day pots.  They are officially done for the season, and I decided they didn't look super nice sitting in my window anymore.  

At this moment during breakfast, Maeson was sad because Rowen got to sit closer to "the baby".  Related: Mitch's sister said she wondered why I don't have a seating arrangement in my big white van.  This was after witnessing the ugly race to see who gets to sit in back, who gets a booster, who gets a baby seat, who sits by Truman...*sigh*.  Yes, it would probably be easier.  I love watching them negotiate and figure out on their own how to take turns and be kind and watch out for the little ones.  Doesn't always happen.  Sometimes they squeeze out the little guy and gloat about it.  Usually, they figure out a system, and I know it probably doesn't always look pretty, but I think they're learning how to live life with those kinds of interactions every day.  So, at lunch...Maeson made sure to hike his booster over a few scoots and requested "the baby" sit right next to him.  Done!

I've been buying restaurant Groupons lately, because it seems like Realtors like to show our house around meal times.  Fine by this mama.  Just sell it, we'll eat out.  I loved this cup from Fazoli's last night.  "I believe life should be less 'overdone' and more, shall we say, 'al dente'."  Such a nice thought from a paper cup, right?  I agree.  This is why I'm working out at 5am.  I am fairly fiercely protective of our family evenings, and I don't want to give up that time for exercise.  Or really, much else.  I work one night, we have church 1 night, and Mitch works all weekend.  Those nights we have "off" I want to stay that way.  

Hello, Goodie Two Shoes.  Who raised you?  Your mother is eating baked spaghetti, and it's delicious.  Enjoy your side salad.

I love her.

I forgot I don't have a house key anymore, gave it to the Realtor for our lock box and never replaced it.  So, this morning when I got back from freaking 5am bootcamp, I had to enter thru the garage.  Sorry, Rowen.  This is Rowen at 6:15am.  Kid doesn't do early mornings.  He's more the sleep-in 'til 8am type.  He's back in my bed now, I'm hoping he goes back to sleep :)

So, clearly my life revolves around selling this ding dang house, and transforming my body for our trip to MEXICO in 3 months.  I'm keeping my eye on the prize.  Maybe by Mexico time we'll be eating dinner on our "off" nights in our new house, and I'll look more like 2004 ME. 

Happy Weekending!


Cari said... Best Blogger Tips

Good for you for working out at 5am! Ugh. Sounds like torture. :-) And Mexico will be FAB!!! But I think you look great & you'll find that on the beaches of Mexico, you'll look pretty great comparatively, I promise. It's pretty interesting to see how everyone down there just lets it all hang out, no worries about body image. Kind of refreshing, actually. So enjoy!