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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School Update

We started school yesterday.  Really, just yesterday.  It feels like the last two days have taken a month from my life.  I have no idea what we're doing, I can't figure out a routine for the day, and at 2:30pm this afternoon I was *this* close to calling the whole thing off.  The whole thing, including: homeschool, parenting, daycare, housework, homeschool, and homeschool.  Oh, and laundry.  Which is a category all it's own, completely separate from all other housework.  My laundry is actually totally caught up right now and I don't really hate laundry, but if I'm calling stuff off, it's definitely on the list. 

So, there you go.  It's not all rainbows and unicorns.  However.  I am fully aware that this is not forever.  This is the end of day TWO.  Two days out of a whole year that feel completely out of control.  We might finish the week like this, and next week might not be any better.  We'll get there eventually, I am 100% sure of it.  We'll settle into a routine, I'll get a handle on our lessons and a schedule, the kids will learn all kinds of things, and my house will not disintegrate.  

After a fountain diet Dr. Pepper (which may or may not have included a splash of Malibu...) and 20 minutes of silence, I feel like I can shift my perspective enough to realize all we have accomplished in our first days of "school".

My kids know that people used to use the sun to figure out what time of day it was.  People did that a long, long, loooong time ago.  Like, in 1385 (-Truman).  Ha!  He made that year up all by himself, he's so dang smart.  

Ryleigh read the preschool kids' story out loud to them both days, and is helping them memorize Genesis 1:1.  Rowen learned how to make the letter "O" on his very own dry erase board.  Reise is perfecting her "S".  Rugger is getting back to the basics, after sliding back to sloppyville on the handwriting ;)  We found a snappy little song on the internet that's going to help us memorize the books of the Bible.  All 66, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New.  Ryleigh's going to present her homemade solar system to all of us on Friday, and I think she might be a little nervous :)  We're reviewing math facts and trying to wrap our brains around some new concepts.  I'm remembering how quickly Ryleigh picks things up, and how much harder it is for Rugger.  Pray for my patience level! 

Speaking of Rugger, AKA: the best laundry helper in the whole free world...YES, that's right.  He's totally doing the laundry.  This is why it's caught up.  He knows what temperature to use as long as I help him sort.  Those dark colored undies are kinda tricky, ya know.  Just 'cause they're dark doesn't mean they go in the "cold" pile...  He can very easily switch loads to the dryer, and even selects "bulky" if he notices a lot of towels or a large bed sheet.  Ha!!  It's so amazing and wonderful that I almost want to do a little dance.  It's not like he really saves me that much time right now, but it's fun to do it together, and I can see the potential.  Dear Rugger's future wife, YOU'RE WELCOME.   

I love that "school" for us includes learning stuff like laundry, how to load the dishwasher, and being a really good big sister.  These are things we'd do anyway, but I love that we wrap that into a school day.  And, I love that the school day blends right into a family night.  This year, we're reading our science at night as a part of our bedtime routine.  So far, two days in, it's working out pretty well.  The big kids "notebook" what they remember from the night before right away in the morning.  We talk about it over breakfast, and work it into the day with projects.  Two days in, it's the one thing I feel like is working really well this year.  

This note was on my desk after "school" today.  "Thanks for the song and school!  We like our school!  (Even if there's not two recesses.)  Can we do school computer games?  Love Ryleigh and Rugger"  (I love that she made him sign his own name!!)

Well, number one-if you don't consider playing outside for 75% of the day as having two recesses, then you're straight up crazy.  I guess if I just say "time for recess" every time you go outside, it'll count?  Number two, I love you so much I can't stand it.  Number three, you will most definitely be able to squeeze in some school computer games at some point this year.  Probably when it's not so nice outside and you aren't enjoying 14 recesses per day. 

Choosing to love,


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Becky...Becky...Becky! You are way too hard on yourself! Your kids are learning SO much...and they're in such a good environment! I am SO glad you're their teacher and they will thank you...in their time! Luv ya bunches and bunches, Lao

The Moellers said... Best Blogger Tips

i agree... i think you do SO MUCH for those kiddos... I dont know how you have any energy.... oh yeah... mt dew???

Lynne Herr said... Best Blogger Tips

I know a computer learning gal who could skype in with some tips sometime. Keep up the great work, Becky!

Becky@IfTheseWallsSpoke said... Best Blogger Tips

Lynne, you know how much I love you, right!?

Becky@IfTheseWallsSpoke said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Elisha, and YES on the dew :)

Becky@IfTheseWallsSpoke said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Lao, love ya!

Dave Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you'll need to find a copy of Oregon Trail, and Number and/or Word Crunchers. Might even need to get Logo Writer so they can learn some initial steps to 'programming'.