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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The big zoo.

Reason number 372 to love homeschool...day trip to the "big" zoo on a school day in the fall.  The weather was perfect, and it wasn't weekend-crowded.  Oh, yes.  It's the little things.

We got to spend the day with two Grandmas, a Grandpa, two sets of aunts and uncles, and six cousins.  Not a shabby way to do a Monday!

Ryleigh's friend was able to come with us, and she just blended right in with our crew.  It's very obvious amongst her friends which ones have younger siblings, and which ones don't.  This one clearly does, and had no problem helping the toddler down the slippery walkway.  Love that!  I'm trying to make an effort to think ahead, and invite a friend for Ryleigh if we go somewhere that could be considered a field trip.  Thankful all the time, for our giant white van.  I'm thankful and saying it out loud all the time, so that when I'm irritated about having to drive it on the weekends...I'll remember why we have it :)

Why isn't that bird moving?  Doesn't it recognize a wild, crazy Rowen when it sees one?

Stop for snack number seventeen...

Loved this little "meeting" the boys had.  Girls didn't think it was quite as cute as I did...

I decided the Skyfari would be much more relaxing if I wasn't riding with a couple toddlers.  It's really a very anxious-filled journey, up just high enough that it feels dangerous when you wiggle.  Not that toddlers ever wiggle.  Oh, wait...

We all made it out alive, and got to see some cool stuff right up close.  Probably worth the year or so it shaved off my life because of the stress? 

Such a fun day with very few meltdowns, which was pretty shocking after the weekend we'd dragged the kids through!  Fun stuff, and a great use of our JDRF walk t-shirts (no one got lost!) :)


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