"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Fun

:::Pumpkin Painting:::

I am telling you, we could do a different craft every hour this time of year and not run out of ideas. 

Painting pumpkins is simple, classic, creative, not super messy, and relatively cheap.  I like all of those.

Of course, our pest control lady showed up in the middle of all of this (and I was feeding the baby her breakfast).  It didn't seem quite as simple in that very moment, and I'm sure she was half horrified :)  It's all relative, people!

The kids had fun, the pumpkins turned out cute, and no one ruined their clothes or my table.  Success!

:::Trunk or Treat!:::

I love a little practice run with our costumes before Halloween :)  I opted to go the easy route this year and didn't do any sewing, which was a huge relief.  We already owned Vader, borrowed Yoda and Obi Wan (we think Obi needs a hood, we'll do that before Monday!).  We threw Leia together in a flash on Tuesday night with stuff we already had, then borrowed a gun from G'ma Sue. 

Of course, Reise would not participate in the theme, which was fine and honestly 100% expected :) Ha!  Mitch found a Padame costume on Tuesday night, and almost convinced her to change her mind, but she was definitely set on Fancy Nancy!






All of my favorites...!  Such fun kids. 

I told them when we got home that I really appreciated how fun they were.  I bet not everyone gets to have such fun kids, and that's too bad, because fun kids are really a blast.  {Much more fun than the un-fun kids out there.}  Rugger didn't think that was possible, but I assured him he might run into an un-fun kid sometime, then he'd know what I was talking about. 

We have fun friends, too.  Fun.  And Funny. 

We are looking forward to Trunk or Treat #2 this weekend in Omaha, and then the final hoorah on Monday night.

These are the best times...

Choosing to love,