"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Fortune

It's Tuesday, and I'm sick of feeling too busy to pull out my real camera.  Once I do it, I realize how absolutely ridiculous that sounds.  It takes an extra 2.4 seconds to snap a picture with something other than my phone.  I determine it's more of a mental busyness than anything else.  In the rush of this season of life, my brain feels too overloaded to manage one more thing...especially a thing that seems completely unnecessary when weighed against big stuff, like schooling my children and selling my house.  Taking pictures of the normal, everyday, and ordinary suddenly feels like a big fat waste of precious time.  

This is my life.  "Do not rush through life. Pause and enjoy it."  {I'm having a crazy "moment" here...I went to search for that post, and discovered it was exactly a year ago-to the day.  Whoa.}

It's a mess, but I really do love art strategically laid flat to dry on every surface of our basement.  

I feel like she's on the lookout for someone to come catch her playing with the big kids' toys.  

I keep telling Reise, it isn't safe to double-buckle, but she won't listen.  Hopefully she'll have better sense by the time she's buckling real babies.

We read our preschool story out of three different books, which is funny to me.  Only my oldest child would insist we might glean more information if we used three versions.  She's right, by the way...but, it's still funny. 

Reise has officially started Kindergarten, and her buddy Truman keeps up with her like it's nobody's business.  I love that they have each other.

These two get along pretty well, too.  What do people do with only children?  I have lost all perspective.  

It was almost 70 degrees outside.  Rowen is not under dressed (this time).  {No idea why Reise is wearing full winter gear.}

And there we go.  With a few clicks, I feel like time slowed today and I was more in the moment and present.  A year from now I can look back and remember this random Tuesday in October when life was so crazy and at the same time, so completely ordinary.  That, is why I love this bliggity blog.  

I only get one chance at this life on earth, I best not miss out by rushing through it.