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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lived in.

After a weekend of a whole lotta something, rather than the nothing we'd planned on...

We decided to buy our new shower online, to get it a little cheaper, and avoid having to cut-to-fit the surround kits kept in stock at any store we could think to check.  The instant I hit "ORDER" and committed to waiting 3-5 business days, I knew we'd have a showing.  Sure enough.  THREE!  "Dear Prospective Buyers, There's a giant mess in the basement and it's spilled out into the garage.  Please try to use your imagination here.  Soon there will be a shiny, new shower in there instead of our first-ever DIY drywall project."

Knowing we had just cleaned for showing number one, and not wanting to dirty the kitchen before the next one in the morning, Mitch suggested we do something other than carve pumpkins last night.

Heck, no.  This is just how we are required to do life right now. 

It wasn't actually that messy, and kept the rest of the house from becoming a disaster.  So...really, it was fairly brilliant timing.  If I do say so myself. 

Rugger wasted no time.  He started out with the cute little pumpkin scooper, but quickly realized the metal spoon was more efficient.  Love him! 

Ryleigh wasn't so sure about touching those guts.  She couldn't care less that everyone else thought it was fun.  She thought it was gross!  I think she finally sucked it up and got most of it cleaned out herself.  A girl after my own heart, I tell ya!

On the other hand, Reise thought it was fun, but she's far too delicate to be digging and applying any amount of pressure to the scooper.  Too much exertion for her, the sweet little thing!  Here again, a girl after my own heart.

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd google green pumpkins.  Maeson's was super easy to gut, and even easier to carve!  It looks like it's trying to turn orange, maybe? 

He's so big.

I think Maeson's may have turned out a tiny bit girly, but he loved it so much!  He asked for "a happy face, mama!"...the nose started out a heart by accident, and I couldn't resist the urge to leave it like that.  It's so sweet!

Oh, Rowen.

Reise carved hers completely by herself.  Sniff, sniff.  She's getting so big, that middle child of ours.  She flies so quietly under the radar sometimes, next thing I know she's got a few jack-o-lantern eyes cut out and isn't missing any of her own fingers...so, I figure it's probably OK :)  (You know we didn't let Ryleigh have the little pumpkin knife when she was 5!)  There are advantages to being the third born, with a couple little brothers.  Your parents are tired and see the benefit of you doing things independently!

Everyone's done, had a snack, and is headed for bed...this one's still going!

That mouth is very little, on purpose.  See?

I love the big kids' creations.  I hate that I have such big kids :(  We only got to carve the little boys' pumpkins this year, and my arms aren't even tired!  It just doesn't seem right.

Rowen, Maeson, Rugger, Ryleigh, Reise

Such sweet days, we're living right now, and time is flying.  Couldn't think of a better way to spend a Monday night with my absolute favorite people on the planet.  I left those beauties on the table for today's showing.  I figure if the shower situation isn't enough, it'll help make the place look loved and lived in ;)



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