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Friday, October 21, 2011

Phone Photo Friday {and a challenge}

Have you seen this video?  (Chances are slim to none that if you're reading this, you aren't already friends with me on facebook.)  If you haven't already taken the time to check it out, you should.

Ryleigh is collecting BEST CHOICE labels (found at Super Saver, Russ's, and ALPS) to raise money for Jacob's Well.  (I've emailed the contact for the program to find out if Always Save labels are included or not, and I'll update this when I find out.)  Each label is worth $.03 which seems like nothing-BUT, if we can collect 1,000 by the end of the year ($30), we can get an additional $30 bonus from Best Choice, which doubles our earnings.  Then, I told her we would add another $30 to get things rolling up there in the $90 range, or $.09 per label, which feels like a better reason to save it.  Now, we're cooking with gas!  Right?!  This can only happen if we can collect 1,000 labels by December 31!

Homeschool girl already has $.12 saved up over here in labels, help her out!  :)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled phone photos...

I missed bootcamp on Wednesday morning,  but feel like I did enough today to make up for it.  Can't. Move. Need. Ibuprofen. 

We had a block tower building contest with our cousins via picture text last Friday.  Reise was very protective of her construction area.  Of course Rowen figured out ways to knock it down without actually touching it...like, jumping up and down on the other side of the living room.  Brothers!

They're so big!  They need some help to play a "for real" game, but not much.

Saturday's weather was beautiful!  We were out enjoying it, manning the canned foods table, while Mitch was at home discovering the shower situation

Ryleigh has been begging me to talk to her friend's mom about having a play date for months.  Literally, months...actually, probably closer to a year.  I feel like such a slacker saying that, but I don't know her mom very well and it's always hard to figure out the best way to get those things started.  Ya know?  Finally, we had a spur of the moment chance to grab her for an ice cream run, and all felt right with the world for a good 90 minutes.

We love it when DJ Steele has meetings.  I'm thankful that the kids look forward to (and will hopefully have fond memories of) these hours of work combined with family fun.  I remember loving it when we got to hang out in my dad's kitchen store downtown watching cable TV while he and my mom worked long hours.  

After a long weekend, the handsome husband decided to take Monday off and hang with us at the Children's Museum.  It rocked.

We had decided to go out to lunch with him that day anyway, so we stuck with that part of the plan :)  We didn't get many stares at the downtown Chipotle during the noon hour rush.  Nope.  We didn't look out of place at all amongst all the working fellas on their lunch breaks.  Not at all!

We are running out of things to do when we have to leave for house showings.  Monday night we just left the house with no ideas, and ended up in Super Saver's parking lot to buy another pumpkin.  It was a pretty cheap way to spend an hour.  No one tells you to budget for this portion of selling your house-the entertaining your kids and eating out all the time because you're forced out at dinner time. 

It's face paint, just so we're all clear regarding Rowen's dirty face in public!

My crew has gotten so "old" that the majority of them can now attend the preschool story time at the library, as opposed to the "toddler" session.  My one toddler is so incredibly mellow, he sat just as well as the big kids with no problem.  I was so proud of them, I spent the entire 30 minutes intermittently smiling so hard my face hurt, and trying not to get all choked up at the sight of them.  These are the best days...

Thursday at 6pm it occurred to me that I had temporarily forgotten it was my responsibility to feed the little kids that live here.  "Make your own sandwich night!" ....  Why yes, that's Nutella and honey.  Maybe, they were used together with or without lunch meat.  Probably, each kid ate two sandwiches, just to try out different combos.  For sure, they used whole grain bread and I added fresh fruit and milk to round things out.  {Just sayin'.} 

I neglected dinner, because we were working on the shower.  It's getting there.  DJ Steele has four gigs in 5 nights this week, so we used the one night he was home to slap that baby up.  I'll work on the walls and caulk this weekend, and hopefully it'll be done before our next showing.

It's kind of a big deal over here if the TV comes on before 10pm.  The Cardinals are in the World Series right now (have you heard?) so all normal evening routines are completely out the window, and it's TV in our room until you make too much noise and get sent to bed :) 

Rugger is dead serious about his "flag".  Sweetest kid, ever.  Big fan has got to learn to keep his hands to himself while on the big bed watching the game.  His dad is not a fan of the shenanigans when the stakes are this high!  Ryleigh asked him what the big deal was...like, "are you betting money?".  Neither of us gamble, we swear.  We have no idea where that came from!

It's OK, Cards, you'll get 'em the next three games.  No one likes a sweep anyway, let's drag this thing out!

Happy Weekending out there!


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

The "SHOWER"'s gonna be wonderful...too bad you have to leave it! :(
Ryleigh, we eat a lot of Best Choice food items...we're saving labels for you. Hope your project turns out BEST!