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Friday, October 14, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

Fridays come so fast, it's unbelievable!  I'm sitting here with my 3rd Friday 5am bootcamp tucked under my belt.  I may be wheezing a little, but hey, it's cold outside!  I'm blaming the chilly air I had to run in.  Run, jog, hobble along...whatever.  I am sore every single day, but it's definitely getting easier.  Getting up so early hasn't been a problem for the most part, at least I'm not dreading it.  I'm looking forward to sleeping "in" the next two days tho! :)

After a total and complete meltdown, Titus decided he would like to share his power drill.  With the baby.  "Here. Baby. Like. Dis."  She was thrilled.  He's going to be a really great big brother :)

Meanwhile, board games threw up all over the basement...

Friday night pseudo sleepover...

We drove around downtown the night before a big football game, looking for a parking spot close to Ivanna Cone.  Of course that wasn't smart, and of course it didn't even occur to me beforehand. 

Oh, well.  McDonald's and their $1 Sundaes delivered.  Their parking lot works great for my giant van, too.  Win-Win.

Mom, you might want to take my picture, since I'm wearing my sparkle shoes and jewelry.  Yes, you're right, I definitely do want to take your picture, you sweet thing!

All the fun of a sleepover, minus the PJ's and morning chaos we would have had thanks to a 10am showing.  I can't wait until this house-selling process is over.  I am over it! 

Look at this girl, just sprawled out in the chair!  No wonder she couldn't keep her head from drooping to one side :)  She loves going to "Kaffy's". 

Maeson is loving preschool!  His teacher emailed us this week and said he's learning about Samuel and how he had to obey God the first time.  We're looking forward to parent-teacher conferences, coming up in a few weeks. 

He said the Bike-A-Thon was pretty fun, but he thought the big kids got to have more fun.  Well, there's something to look forward to then, right? 

By chance I ended up with only six kids on Tuesday, so we spent a long morning at the library picking out books.  It's crazy how different the day seems when you're missing a few kids.  I'm not sure what these things are outside, could you chain your bike to them?  We've never seen them used for anything but a tunnel. 

I feel like we have about 17 craft projects going right now, none completed.  I'm not even sure exactly how this has happened, but we finally finished our little votive holders this week.  Mitch's sister mentioned this craft she'd seen with jars, but we happened to have a bunch of ivy bowls on hand so we used those. 

Anyone recognize these?

For the little kids, I cut out a bunch of shapes out of contact paper for the kids to use as eyes, nose, mouth, or just decoration.  They peeled the backing off and stuck the contact paper to the inside.

The big kids cut their own shapes.  A few made jack-o-lantern faces, a few just decorated them with random shapes.  Then, they painted the inside with orange paint. 

I think if we ever did this again, we'd use a different paint.  The washable paint doesn't stick as well to glass as I would guess regular acrylic paint would? 

It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but they're pretty cute all lit up :)  I ended up getting the battery operated flameless tealights, so the kids can light them up themselves. 

Ryleigh checked out a book on face painting at the library...and spent the better part of last evening doing faces.  Quite the production!!

We borrowed an exersaucer for "The Baby" and if she happens to be awake during school time, this is where you'll find her.  She's such a gem, but I'm glad she usually sleeps through school.  Rugger can't stop himself from making noises at her if she's around!

Rugger and Ryleigh think it's completely hilarious to pretend they're asleep after they've finished their work.  I'll leave them to do math and come back to this.  Ryleigh is smart enough to face the other way so I can't see her laughing.  I love them! 

This weather has me in the mood to stock up my freezer.  Everything I make is double or triple batched, and we're going thru freezer Ziplocs like crazy!  It's such a nerdy obsession, but I don't even care!

I caught ground beef on sale at Super Saver, 93% lean for $2.67/lb in the 10lb rolls.  So, I bought two and didn't think a thing of it.  It's not rock-bottom price, but it's a decent deal.  That's only 20lbs. of beef, and it's not like I'm going to eat all of it in one meal.  Anyway, this lady stopped me in the parking lot and had a mini freak-out over the beef sitting in the bottom of my cart.  For real lady, it's a decent sale, and I have 3 freezers...please relax!  I agree it doesn't taste the best when it's been browned and then frozen...but I'm at a point where I need to cook ahead absolutely anything I can.  Come 5pm after a normal day over here, the last thing I want to do is make dinner.  It's either do it this way, or not at all, most of the time.  The only people in our family that notice the taste/texture difference are Mitch and me, and we both appreciate the time savings enough that we don't care :)

I wish I had started keeping track of how many batches of these snack bites I've made over the last month.  They are so easy and delish, but they go so fast over here!

I dare say we don't have much planned this weekend.  DJ Steele works both nights, and we'll be at the Food Distribution in the morning...other than that?  Hopefully a whole lot of nothing.  The minute I say that, a dozen things will come up, right? :)

Happy Friday!


MomsMustardSeeds said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! That looks like a fantastic week! I love the way you painted the bows! That is a really good idea!!

misty Guthrie said... Best Blogger Tips

How did I miss this post?! I love that you used the ivy bowls! Did you pull the contact paper off because I thought ours were better that way and then I trace the faces on the outside of the bowls with a sharpie. We painted the lid green too since theiy're fake candles anyhow. Been meaning to post a picture of them and haven't gotten it done.

If These Walls Spoke said... Best Blogger Tips

We did take the contact paper off-but the shapes are still kinda hard to see. I bet outlining them in Sharpie would make a big difference, I will see if any of them will allow me to try it :) They're still cute, and pretty festive, just being orange I guess!