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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin

There's good stuff here.  I love going out with my crew.  Love it.  It most definitely beats sitting around trying to keep our bleepitybleeping house clean. 

Mom, I don't like jeans.  I like the look, but I don't like the feel.  I think I will just wear leggings and sweat pants for now.  Unless I'm going somewhere a little fancier, like somewhere I would wear my boots.

I like him.  I think he's handsome and funny, and he's a really nice boy.  He's good with the little kids and almost always does anything I ask him to.  Like if I ask him to sit by a yellow flowering bush and take a sweet fall picture, he'll do it.  (For instance.)  Or, if I ask him to take out the garbage, or bring up some laundry, or fetch me (another!) diet Mountain Dew from the basement.

Reise thinks she's in charge of everyone.  Most of the time it's very tiring.  Sometimes it's really helpful.  Maeson, here, I will show you how to make these things go.  No!  Not like that!  MAESON!!  Here, like this.   Well, I guess even when it's helpful, it's still sometimes tiring. 

Who wants to jump on a giant pillow thing at the pumpkin patch!?? 

Ryleigh saw this picture today and laughed her head off.  Her face is so funny!  She's like, "I'm undecided on the coolness factor here. ...  Yep, still undecided.  ...  I don't know, let's just go get a funnel cake."

Could that train take any longer to pick us up!?  For real, yo.

These pictures look pretty normal, right?  If they came with a soundtrack, it'd sound something like this:

Me (to Mitch): Can you round those other kids up? I'll start with these two...

My brother: Why are you using your flash, you're such a goober.  You have a 1.8!  Why, why, why is your flash going off? 
Me: David Wayne Rowe, zip it, do you see what I'm dealing with here?  I'm going auto, I don't even care! If I can't get it on manual, I'm going auto and getting it.  I'm not going home with 248 pictures that didn't turn out at all because I was too snobby to use auto.  Go away!
My brother: Go read your manual, learn how to use that machine.  You have a 1.8!!

Rowen (crying/whining/being ridiculous): I can't sit heeeerrreeee, there are pokey things all ovvveerrrrrrr, aaaaaahhh, they're in my pants!! They're hurting my legs, aaaaahhhhh, my buttttt, MOMMMMMM!!!!!!

Meanwhile: kids running all over the place, going behind the kid I'm trying to get a picture of, me sighing deeply and throwing an occasional "hey, what are you doing? help me out here!" to Mitch (who's wearing his febreezed Cardinals shirt that hasn't been washed in weeks, and checking the score of the game secretly on his phone because he thinks the rest of us are busy enough we won't notice).


This is what we end up with: fake smiles, Rowen standing so no hay could possibly pierce his tender buns, Reise mad because she can't stand like Rowen, Rugger starting to panic because he just remembered he's allergic to everything and he's pretty sure hay is included, Mitch muttering what I assume are swear words under his breath thanks to what I assume is horrible Cardinals pitching, me saying something sarcastic out loud to him in response to the muttering, strangers walking by thinking this is the most dysfunctional family they've ever seen....

You know, the usual! :)

And, one of my favorites...Reise?  For real, girl.  You'd think he was handing her a sandwich full of dead bugs.  And, P.S. for the record?  He's the best, most "present" dad, ever.  He does love his Cardinals, but he's not the dad who can't go to the pumpkin patch with his family because there's a big game on.  I've heard that kind of dad exists, but thankfully not here!  He's the best, and we love him, and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Plus, he's super handsome. 

And, for the record, my brother is a much better photographer than me.  He shot this with my camera, and I'm pretty sure he didn't use auto :)  Also for the record, he's smarter than me in general and chooses to spend his free time reading manuals and researching stuff like ISO and shutter speed.  I do not.  I am more trial and error, switch to auto when needed.  I'm fine with it.  And I love him, he's my favorite brother and on my list of top 5 favorite adults on the planet.

Good golly, I love them so much.  Even if I don't feel like it was a perfect outing-like, it rained a little, I didn't feel like we got to see everything, we didn't ride the hayrack out and actually pick our pumpkins, the Cardinals lost, stuff like that.  Who cares?  I literally laugh out loud when I look back at these pictures.  I know the kids had an absolute blast.  They'll remember going to the pumpkin patch with our family, running around with their cousins, and going to bed smelling like campfire smoke.  That's good stuff.



Pattimoor said... Best Blogger Tips

Another hilarious post. You have the ability to make the littlest things so darn funny! That is a gift. Quick question---which pumpkin patch is this? It doesn't look like one we've been to and the kids always like to try new ones! Hope you're doing well!!

If These Walls Spoke said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Patti! Roca Berry Farm, a little ways south of Lincoln. It's a great place :)