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Monday, October 31, 2011


Guess this squirrel was a Rangers fan. 

{Before it was made into lunch for our furry outdoor friend...}

These two gorgeous ladies went to see Beauty and The Beast at the Lied Center on Friday night.  When they returned Ryleigh said, "it was magical!".  So fun.  Thanks Lao, for being her date.  Thanks Pao, for being the chauffeur.  Thanks Jay, for the tickets!  :)  Random, last minute fun is the best. 

Rugger, Reise and I stayed up 'til Ryleigh got home and watched the Cardinals make winning the World Series look easy.  Mitch promised the kids a big party if the Cards won it all, waaaaay back when there wasn't a chance in you-know-where.  Stay tuned on those party developments...I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

We spent the better part of Saturday working on our yard.  The kids found lots of things to keep busy, when they weren't helping stuff leaves into bags.

This was the collection pile after two hours' work in the morning.  Looks pretty normal, I think.

15 yard bags later, we're calling it "done".  It's as done as it's going to get, anyway!

I finished the shower, PRAISE THE LORD, and Ryleigh had a friend sleep over Saturday night.  It felt like a fun, full, long weekend by Sunday afternoon after church and groceries.  Just how we like it!

Fair warning: you will get sick of seeing these costumes ;)

We made a quick trip to Omaha Sunday afternoon for Trunk or Treating at my brother's church. 

Reise rocked out Fancy Nancy, with a few additional accessories thanks to my Aunt Nan.  She loved that parasol!  It was so windy, she didn't carry it very long and I'm not sure I even got a picture of it.  Thankfully we'll have another chance tonight to take pics.

Each trunk had a theme and did a short presentation covering a Bible story.  It was pretty cute, and the kids had fun.   The parents who didn't have coats were freezing.  It was 60* with a -10* wind, I promise you.  That's an official temp, by the way.  (ha!)

Shooting down Goliath, with marshmallows.

Moses parting the Red Sea.  Very clever, folks.

Daniel and the Lion's den...with an orange cat on a leash as the lion.  Adorable!  What a mellow cat.  I'm fairly certain Diddy would never go for that gig.

Marching around the walls of Jericho...


We celebrated the November/December birthdays at my parents' house afterward.  Ryleigh collected some Best Choice labels :)

Mother of the Year forgot to pack the kids' coats (and forgot her own, too), so they raided Gma's hall closet and made it work.

Happy Birthday to Dave, Stef, G'pa, Rugger, Brandon, Dominick, baby Rowe, and of course, Jesus.  

Happy Halloween, and Happy Monday!


Christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

It was fun to see you guys at Trunk or Treat!! Crazy windy, huh?! I do feel like I know your kids when I see them, from reading your blog & all. So it's funny when I realize that no, they don't know me at all. Oh, this fun blogosphere.