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Friday, October 7, 2011

Phone Photo Friday

We're studying Astronomy this year, Ryleigh's pick.  Everyone is loving it, even the preschoolers.  We read straight from the text book every night and I'm really shocked at how much the little kids retain and regurgitate days/weeks later.  (Not to mention, it's interesting enough to keep their attention!)  Who cares if they don't really get it?  I'm sure it's not hurting their little brains to process words like "revolve" and "atmosphere".  Pretty sure, anyway.

My uncle teaches middle school science, and assured me we didn't need an expensive telescope.  We found one at CVS pharmacy (on his recommendation) for $20.  We bundled up, filled our mugs, and headed out to the "country".

We heard a pack of howling coyotes, and some of us got scared and hid out in the van the rest of the night.  I may have been involved in the group that hid out in the van.  The details are pretty fuzzy...

I met someone last week who said she didn't really care for donuts.  Wait, what?  Come again, please?  I love donuts.  

So does she...

And, so do they...

We don't have them on the regular, but it's a fun morning when we do.  Especially if we eat them at the "actual store"-Rugger.  Especially, especially if they come with hot chocolate.

The weather around these parts has been no less than amazing this week.  Incredible.  Love park play dates so much!

Love this little daycare buddy...

And, this one...

And, this one...

Best part of the day was overhearing Ryleigh  and Rugger discussing how much fun they'd had at the park and knowing this day would have involved many hours of sitting inside if they were in public school.  It's not all about playing hooky and spending more time messing around at the park than "doing school".  (We won't even get started debating how much real learning takes place while free-playing...)  I'm just saying, I love that they can appreciate our flexible schedule.  If it's 70 degrees and take-your-breath-away gorgeous outside...you better believe we'll put off Zack the Dog 'til later and feel absolutely no guilt about it whatsoever.

I don't remember learning how to read.  Do you?  (For real, I'm curious, please share!)  I half hope Rugger doesn't remember learning how to read.  I hope he just thinks he's always known how to read.  I fully hope he remembers some of these gorgeous park days with his siblings on random Tuesdays in the fall. 

And, I'm not really sure exactly what he's learning here...but, I'm glad he gets to do it all day long if he wants to.

And, he does want to.  He's got permission to use as many glue sticks as he needs, and he's made ships, boats, sock drying racks, robots...  Not that I'm a huge fan of the mess surrounding the craft table, but I'm pretty sure I've never said no to a creative project just because of a mess.  Pretty sure, anyway.

We built tinfoil boats and tried to keep baby Moses dry.  

Well, some of us didn't.  Some of us just gave poor Moses a little dip in the river.  Please use your imagination to picture Reise freaking out like the drama queen that she is over the paper baby drowning.  And, I did say no to the (non-creative, more like destructive) mess that threatened to follow shortly after.  I'm so completely unreasonable, I know. 

And, it's Friday!  We have several crafts to finish up today, and we're about to read the last chapter of our latest pre-naptime book.  I absolutely love hearing them whine and groan at the end of the chapter because they want to keep going.  Love it!  Pretty sure it'll never get old. 

We've got big plans this weekend with some of our favorite peeps. 

Pretty sure this will never get old, either.  Hello, football food, playing with cousins, staying up way too late, and making a mess in Grandma's basement.

I wish I'd been quicker and gotten a better picture of this 100% precious moment!  Serious convo happening there. 

Happy Weekending, friends!

Choosing to love,
P.S. Bootcamp #4-done.  It wasn't pretty, but I've lost all pride on that front.  It's just enough for me to finish in an upright position with no vomit at this point!


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

My today wish? I wish you'd been MY teacher!!! Those kids are S-O-O-O lucky!

Christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

My sister taught me to read using some old "See Spot Run" kinds of books my grandma had given us. I remember having the hardest time with "the" and her lack of patience with that!! My sister is only 3 years older than me, so I suppose that's understandable.