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Friday, November 11, 2011

Etc. {Phone Photo Friday version}

Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras.

Our Thankful Tree is gaining new "leaves" every day, it's so adorable!  The kids are excited to think of new things to write down..."mom and dad" is very popular, "house" is right up there, too.

My daycare buddy, Isaac says, "cookies" every single time.  The bigger kids are pretty offended by it, which obviously makes me laugh pretty hard.  He loves cookies there is no doubt, and who doesn't?

Rugger continues to love on The Baby, and he's probably the best at keeping her entertained on days that she requires extra attention.  She's getting so big, and has a super fun personality, which does nothing for my baby fever.  Thankfully she's really normal and has a fussy day here and there, which make me thankful for my current kids' ages and temperaments.

Big kids are fun, too.  Mitch and Rugger got last minute tickets to the Husker game last weekend.  The other four kids and I were feeling a tiny bit bitter about being left behind.  Just a tiny bit.  Teeny, tiny, itty, bitty.  

So, we spent 90 minutes blitzing through the house, picking up laundry, mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, and organizing the dreaded shoe bins.  Then, we picked up two cousins, and spent an hour at Chuck E. Cheese's.

I didn't even bother bringing my camera.  Chuck's on a Saturday, even during a game, is r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s. 

I didn't even have a spare hand for a fountain diet coke, which was the greatest disappointment for me :)  I was very busy keeping tokens and tickets separate and not lost.  Oh, and keeping track of the toddlers.  Which brings me back to my big kids...  Love them!  They can manage themselves so well these days and even do the whole restroom thing unassisted.  It's pretty sweet. 

We saw one of Mitch's coworkers afterward in the parking lot, which I am still laughing about.  I'm sure I looked totally cool and calm, ushering six kids out of that nut house and making them pose for this picture! 

 I hope JDRF continues to have a hockey game fundraiser each year.  What an absolute hoot.  We got discounted tickets, two free, and a portion of the sales went to JDRF.  They also sent us home with official hockey pucks, which haven't caused any damage to walls or light fixtures in our basement throughout the last week, so don't worry. 

"Dancin' Guy" was there again, showing the kids (and me) some new moves, which were highly inappropriate and extremely hilarious.  Reise and I entertained an older gentleman near us with our synchronized (and family friendly!) moves.  We are so good, we may actually decide to put a full routine together before next year.

I snuck some Halloween candy in for the kids (don't judge me, we have so much candy there's no way I'm buying more at a concession stand!).  Reise's glow-stick sucker exploded in her mouth and tasted so bad, I thought she was going to get sick.  She's so highly dramatic, I wasn't sure how bad it was, so I (like an idiot) stuck it in my own mouth to see what we were dealing with.  Holy numb mouth!  It was bitter bitter bitter, and my mouth was literally numb afterward.  So gross!  

Last year, Maeson fell asleep during the game...which the other kids all remember well.  I was by myself with five kids, and had him laying in my lap or shlepped over my shoulder nearly the entire time.  Good times!  Soooo thankful my handsome husband got to join us this year.  It was very relaxing :)

We had a showing scheduled last night, and planned to use some free kids' meal coupons at Applebees to kill an hour over dinner time.  Seriously, why are they always scheduled over meals?

The showing got canceled (total bummer), but we went out to eat anyway.  The house was clean, I was already on meal-vacation mode, and it just sounded like the right thing to do.  Ya know?

It cracks me up that Ryleigh is the only one in the house that drinks apple juice (for low blood sugars), and given the option of soda, chocolate milk, etc...she chooses apple juice.  She's not one for taking much risk.  She knows apple juice, likes it, and sees no need to mess around with trying something new.  Love her!

Reise found several words all by herself, on the kids' menu word search.  She was pretty proud (and so was I). 

Happy Weekend, all.  We are ready to weekend it up with nothing in particular.  Maybe a little school, a little laundry, some light cleaning and meal planning...gosh it sounds so boring and wonderful :)

If you haven't checked out Ryleigh's latest blog post, you can click HERE to get to it.  She's pretty funny, I'm pretty happy she's mine.  She's working on another post about BEST CHOICE labels, stay tuned for that ;)

#9 weird remedies (hydrogen peroxide in the ears to zap a cold...worked this week!)
#10 medicine (insulin and steroids that keep my diabetics and asthma-boy up and running)
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