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Monday, November 28, 2011


Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras.

We had a Thanksgiving Eve Carnival in the basement last week.  The kids dug out all kinds of stuff to use, and they continue to amaze me with the creative ways they utilize the toys that aren't packed up in boxes stored under the stairs, in the garage, and in the shed.  It's slim pickins' up in here, as far as toys go.  Oddly enough, I don't think I've heard anyone say, "I'm bored".  Ever.  

Have we discussed Shakeology?  I recently discovered that my blender's blade attachment thingy (technical term) fits on my mason jars.  This has saved me washing one cup every day.  Plus, it's kind of fun to drink that green smoothie out of a mason jar.  I'm praying my Oster dies soon, because I really want a Magic Bullet but I can't justify buying one when my beast of a blender still works.  I was very skeptical, but I actually l.o.v.e. the Shakeology.  It's pricey, and I'm super cheap, so for me to spend the $$ on it is kind of shocking :)

Randomly, things happen around here that cause me to think I'm the luckiest person alive to get to watch these kids grow up.  For instance: "To Narnia, and the North!"  What the heck, these kids are straight-up hilarious, and I am so proud of them.  A little C. S. Lewis never hurt anyone! 

On the other hand, randomly, things happen around here that cause me to think I've gone a little nuts.  Crazy.  The beans always sound like a good idea.  They keep the boys entertained for literally hours.  The same is true for all things craft-glue, scissors, glitter, tape, paper, paper, paper, paper...  But by good golly, the mess.  It's just indescribable.  It wears a person down, ya know?

Nothing more relaxing on a Saturday after DJ Steele has left for the night.  They will stay in there for an hour.  Ryleigh and Rugger are typically creating some paper and glue mess in the basement, and I can just sit in the hallway with my phone and check my tweets, read blogs, browse facebook.  It's pretty awesome.  Probably worth the inch or so of water I'm required to clean up off the floor afterward.

Speaking of craftastic...Thank you for the giant can of buttons, G'ma Buss!  Honestly, you can't imagine the gasping in excitement that happened over here when the lid came off that coffee can and "thousands, maybe millions" of buttons were discovered.  They are so dang easy to entertain!  New kitchen wall art, thank you!  I  kind of love that it's on lined notebook paper.  Mostly because it just sums up on so many levels what is going on here.  For them to move on to devouring my sister-in-law's half used notebooks from high school (thank you for that donation, Stef!), it means we were out of copy paper.  Again.  I promise you we go through at least a ream of copy paper every other week.  Is there a cheaper way to do this?  The paper consumption is just insane!

I love the elevator pics at the Children's Museum.  These kids are so fun, lucky me.

It's kind of usual for me to not have lunch pre-made on days that we go out somewhere.  These guys didn't seem to mind waiting a few extra minutes.  What would I do without all these little helpers?  P.S. 18 english muffin pizzas didn't do it, I had to make another pan full.  Beasts! 

Maeson showed up last weekened with a big chunk of hair missing from the side of his head.  Hello?  No problem, we just took the opportunity to give him the mohawk he's been begging for.  He looks pretty rad if you ask me :)

Reise typically dresses herself.  Then, dresses herself again, and again...usually several times per day.  This was one of her more creative ensembles. 


Our Mexico trip is officially paid for in full, sweet freedom!  In 5 weeks from this very moment we'll be in the air, headed toward warmth and laziness.  Can you hear the angels singing??!!  

Happy Monday!


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