"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hand Mime.

The time I'm using to post these pics is stolen, so I'm making it quick.  Ryleigh finished her school work before 9am, and she's helping Rugger write sentences now, so I have 2.2 seconds to do something while the little kids are napping or resting or squirming around on their nap spots impatiently {ROWEN}!  I'm choosing this, because it's way more fun than laundry ;)

Rugger is in the Hand Mime club on Wednesday nights at church.  We were/are all shocked that he chose this particular club over the Runners club (just an example!).  He absolutely loves it, and his leaders are wonderful, and seeing him perform on Sunday was yet another opportunity for me to sit in a pew and grin at my kid until my face hurt.  I love him!

We got an "extra" hour of sleep on Saturday night, but it was canceled out because we had to be to church an hour earlier!  Isn't that just the way it goes?  We were on time tho, I'll give us a pat on the back for that, thankyouverymuch.

There happened to be breakfast served Sunday morning, too.  Of course, I wish I would have remember that before I fed my kids.  Blastit!  No matter, they all ate again, no problem!

Rugger and his cousin/BFF Micah, were responsible for part of the "E"...here they are, practicing.

He's got a hand in the cross, too.  So proud! :)  "How awesome does my cross look!??", Rugger said as he saw this picture from his desk where he's supposed to be writing!

Mitch ran to do our weekly grocery run while Rugger performed at the later service, and while we waited for him to come back to get us, we spent some time with some of our favorites on the playground.

Dave and Karen love our kids so well!  We couldn't adore them more, they are the best.

What a beautiful morning!  We are squeezing out every last bit of Fall over here!

We spent an hour at the park this morning, and now it looks like it's going to turn cold and rainy.  It was awesome while it lasted, right?  Bring on the cozy indoor days with lots of candles and baking :)