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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stream of consciousness.

It's the last day of November, and I can hardly stand it.  Time is such a strange thing.  It really does fly when you're having fun, and it really does go faster the older you get.  I'd also suggest it goes faster the more children you have.  #4 and #5 really threw me over the edge as far as the time thing goes.  They have grown up faster than I could have ever imagined. 

I haven't packed the kids' clothes (costumes) for tonight's first dress rehearsal, but I know what I'm packing and it's all clean.  That's good enough for me right now.  I've got six kids napping, and the one who's awake is occupied, so I'm taking 15 minutes to post these pictures and crack open an ice cold DMD.  All feels right with the world!

Ryleigh checked out a book about Vietnam today, in addition to several craft-making books.  She's making Christmas cards at this very moment.  The library story time theme today was "giants", and I absolutely died when all five of my preschoolers whipped their heads around at the same time to holler to me, "Goliath was a GIANT!!"  Died, I tell you.  It was so funny and amazing, and they're so dang smart.  If only every week our lessons at home matched the lessons at the library-they would be so impressed! :)

I feel old.  Like, officially.  I go to bed at 8:30pm every week night and miss texts from my younger siblings on a regular basis.  The next morning I'm all, "sorry, missed your text, was already asleep."  Lame.  I used to function just fine on a good 4hr stretch. 

I finally made Reise a dr's appt. to get some allergy testing done.  I say finally,  because she's had a seemingly random but fairly persistent stomach ache for years (gasp).  I know.  When I say that I feel totally neglectful.  It's certainly not debilitating, and it's always very short-lived.  We've done Culturelle (a probiotic, which worked) and kicked around eliminating dairy, or gluten to see if that helped.  I feel like the whole food allergy thing is so gigantic and slightly overwhelming.  There are so many things it could be...and it will be great to hopefully get it figured out.  Even tho there's absolutely nothing wrong with using Culturelle daily, I feel like we should know what is causing the problem in the first place.

We had a very rare night with everyone home and no plans, last night.  It felt so good.  We sat around trying to think of ways to produce nights like that more often.  I could quit my job, and we could drop out of our small group.  Neither of those sound like good ideas to me...even though it would free up two evenings per week. 

Our contract with our Realtor expires tonight (Hi, Jason!).  I had completely forgotten we were in a contract, to be honest.  Kind of depressing that this beast hasn't sold yet.  Now we need to decide if we're going to just keep plugging along, or take it off the market for a while, or lower the price, or just forget moving altogether and decide to stay here forever.  I promise you I will not survive much longer sharing a bathroom with five kids and a daycare.  Mmmmmkay?  So, staying here forever is most definitely not an option.  I was just throwing that out there to make myself laugh.

My DMD is gone, and Rugger is up after a little power nap, and ready to work on some math.  Unfortunately, the new math book I ordered for him a month ago (feeling SO on top of it for planning ahead!) was actually a text book (which I already had) and not a workbook.  It's hard being in charge, you know?  :)

Later gators,


Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Becky-whenever I take the time to pull up your blog to catch up with what's going on in Lincoln, I always think to myself "that girl has missed her true calling". Ever consider photography? I love your pictures! Can't believe how fast my nieces and nephews are growing up. Miss you guys alot. Have been a busy grandma/babysitter since Tara has gone back to work. Hopefully we'll be there for Christmas. Love to all

If These Walls Spoke said... Best Blogger Tips

You made my day, Michelle! We miss you so much, kiss those girls for us!