"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yes.  As a matter of fact, I sure did make the kids go around and tell everyone what they were thankful for at lunch.  "The baby, our rat, mom and dad, this jello, my tutu.."  I love them.

By 4pm yesterday, I was not feeling thankful for much of anything.  I am so sick of trying to sell this house, I could cry.  I did, actually.  Bawled my head off to my sister over the phone.  

Daycare Thanksgiving was so fun, but I totally forgot at 2:25pm when our showing showed 20 minutes early.  No, I wasn't quite ready.  Yes, I have a lot of kids to get out the door during naptime.  No, I don't think I forgot anyone.  Yes, I have to pee and had planned to do that at some point between 2:25 and 2:45...but, I'll just hold it.  Really, it's no problem.  So.  Over.  It.

Thankfully.  I did take pictures, and now I can recall that we did have fun, the kids were adorable, the turkey was pretty awesome...and the pumpkin pie was outright amazing.  And yeah, even tho I ended up having a semi-meltdown on 1st street, I did get that kitchen and the rest of the house all cleaned up and everyone out the door with coats and shoes on by 2:27.  *Toot Toooooot* (that's me, tooting my own horn, thankyouverymuch)

Everyone got to pick an item to add to the menu.  Rugger doesn't think he got to pick something, but I'm pretty sure he and I discussed pickles...or maybe Ryleigh picked two...the details are a little fuzzy.  I'm making cherry/cinnamon/applesauce Jello for real Thanksgiving, just to make it up to him. 

Who loves a big eater?  This gal!  This guy is so fun to feed, because he eats with such enthusiasm, it makes me feel like I served a really great meal every single time.

Rugger did some great handwriting practice with those place cards.  Love that kid.

We have so much fun messing with this baby :)  I promise we did not feed her any pie, but the kids and I had fun staging this pic.  "There mom! She looks guilty...did you get that!!?"  So fun. 

Katie, no joke, Rowen just walked up to the computer, saw this pic and started going, "aaahhh boo!"  

#16 Awesome daycare families!
#17 Kids who sleep through the night.
#18 Vehicles that run reliably.
#19 Food in my refrigerator.
#20 Laundry machines that work :)
#21 Sleeping in. (Tomorrow.  It's happening.)

I fell asleep at 8:40pm last night, had a great workout this morning, and I'm feeling much better now (besides fearing that body might seize up at any moment, yowsa!).  So thankful for a new day!  I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family, holding a brand new baby, and leaving my kids with G'ma for a day so I can knock out my Christmas shopping in one wild 24 hour money-spending spree.