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Friday, December 9, 2011

Etc. {Phone Photo Friday version} In Numbers.

Because, there's not really much going on around here...but so much going on at the same time. Etc.: additional odds and ends; extras. 

So much!  That's what going on around here.  So. Much. 

12.3  That's Reise's actual hemoglobin number.  Not 8.  Long story short, there's not much wrong with Reise.  "Lab error"...who pays for those?  Dang!  We do know now that she is a champ at getting her blood drawn.  A++

362.  That's the number of Best Choice labels "we" pulled off the apple juice from the church's kitchen.

Thank you Karin, Lynne, Sue, Lao, and a man I don't know for being part of the "we" last Friday night!  We are blessed to share life with such great people.

4.  Number of elementary-aged girls who helped cut the UPC's out of alllll those apple juice labels.  Bless their hearts!

5.  Number of children I held hostage in the parlor of First Presbyterian Church last Saturday, while I volunteered for the Food Bank and Jacob's Well. 

0.  Number of things broken in the parlor (PTL!).

Our view of the snow was incredible!  Such a super pretty courtyard, in the middle of downtown. 

3.  Number of Pixie Stix Maeson had that morning.  It's pretty tricky figuring out how to consume those things without getting a clog.  Ryleigh is shown here, demonstrating how to keep it away from your tongue.  Pour the sugar IN.  Don't try to suck it out!!  (Hysterical.)

2.  The number of imaginary turntables on Maeson's air DJ setup. See how his hand is over his ear?  That's so he can hear better out of the headphones.  Wonder where he picked that up?

10.  People in the Guthrie's living room, watching Charlie Brown Christmas, and Prep and Landing. 

Christmas memories, being made right here.  Good stuff, folks.

6.  Loads of laundry to fold before we could go to bed that night. 

1.  First trip to the Children's Museum for The Baby.  Sweet thing!

9.  Christmas Alley performances down, 5 to go!

Thank you for these pictures, Peggy!

20 (degrees).  The freezing point of a 10% salt/water solution. 

9.  Days until Rowe Family Cabin Christmas.
13.  Days until Rugger turns 7.
16.  Days until Christmas!
24.  Days until we leave for hot, sunny, lazy Mexico.  Not that anyone's counting :)

Happy Friday, all...


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

First of all...THANKS so much for having your "camera at the ready". Some incredible pics here. Second...THANKS so much for taking the time to BLOG, you have such a fun way of telling the story...in your SPARE time, why don't you write books????? Luv, Lao