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Friday, December 23, 2011

Second Annual

Traditions.  Love them.  Rowen Family Cabin Christmas.  These pictures look a lot like last year's.  Love that.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese in the kids' stockings.  Maybe it makes me a mean mom for never buying boxed pasta.  Maybe it makes me a good daughter for letting my mom be a cool Grandma for always serving it?  We'll go with that!

Homemade kites.  Such a fun memory from my own childhood, now passed on to my kids.  Love!

Not to be outdone by his baby cousin,

Nature walk with the dads and Grandpa.  "Did you find a bald eagle?!"

Mitch took all the nature walk pictures, which turned out great.  I just love that the boys are standing on the edge of a "caving bank" posing for a pic.  I'm such a Nervous Nelly.  Get away from the edge, please before that bank caves.  Thank you!

Wii bowling tournament.  Tiffany tried to defend her title as champion.  {She failed.}

Second year with a brand spankin' new baby.  This likely will not continue as a tradition...but one never knows.

Late nights, no naps...  Grandma gave the kids each a flashlight (and even labeled it with their names, no fighting! Praise Jesus) and they played flashlight hide-and-go-seek in the gigantic basement.  At 11pm.  I wish I had a picture of seven of them snuggled up together in one bedroom for the night.  By the morning, one kid had bailed, several had switched beds, and Rugger had stolen all of the blankets.  Such fun.  This is the stuff awesome holiday memories are made of, folks. 

I love everything about this: bowling against Pao with a spit-up covered hoodie, and coffee mug permanently attached to body.  Fussy infant?  What about it?  She still won that game and advanced to the next round.  Pure skill and tenacity right there. 

Meals?  What?  Full day snacking fests.  Pretty sure the final count for Dekker was SEVEN oranges.  At least he snacks with healthy foods. 

Then, there's my kid's version of a snack...

Oh, and another one of mine with his fourteenth cup of hot chocolate.

Cousins.  If I had to guess, I'd say they're discussing the exhaustion that comes from having baby brothers.

Taking a break from his bowling coaching duties (see the pipe cleaner ear piece/microphone?) to polish off a cake pop.


New Wii bowling champ!  277, what a crazy bowling score, even for Wii.

Jacuzzi bubble bath.

Heading out to climb that taaaallllll tower.   I love everything about this memory.  Tiff with a kid on her back, running.  Rowen and Dekker holding hands, running.  Dave being the paparrazi.  Stef and I driving, trying not to hit the small children that continually popped out in front of the vehicle! 

I was too wimpy to climb the whole thing, I think I made it about three flights.  Chicken!!

Such a fun time making memories with my blast of a family.  The cabin is already booked for next year, thanks mom and dad!  Maybe we'll start the countdown now...359 days 'til...  :)



robyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it!!! I love all the pics, but really enjoy the one of Dekker and Maeson. Looks like a sweet moment. :) Great memories made.