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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Rugger's party was last Saturday, and he asked if he was allowed to tell people he was seven.  NO.  Absolutely not, you aren't seven, so that'd be a big fat lie.  You'll be SIX until Thursday.  No sooner!!! {sob, sob, sob!}  I can't believe it.  He's so big :(

He asked for a LEGO cake...but was perfectly happy to hand out cupcakes with fondant Legos on top.  Boys are easy to please, which is great (especially if it's a week before Christmas).

I do feel bad that the poor kid has to compete with Christmas...it's hard to plan his party, everyone has a lot going on (including his mother).  These cupcakes were simple and cute, and not too difficult to make.  

Since I was sending them home with the kids at the end of the party, I packaged them in clear 9oz cups.  Portable, and cute! Maybe kind of hard to eat.  Not impossible, but definitely required a little finesse. The butter cream icing had dried enough, that when they popped out, it wasn't a giant mess on your hands.  I tested one before I sent them out :)

I kind of wished afterward, that I'd added some colorful sprinkles or something to the top.  I mentioned that to Rugger and he acted like it was a really weird idea, so whatever! 

At one point there were 17 kids, and they kind of trickled in randomly.  Like I said...crazy time of year :)

Rugger can read his own cards now, he's so proud of that!  I can't believe how grown up he's getting...where did that little baby go?

I love that he's so independent.  He could not have cared less that everyone else was done eating and had run off to play.  He was still hungry (100% boy) and sat there and polished off four pieces of pizza.

I loved that my brother and his family came during naps and drove over an hour to get here.  Rugger is such a lucky kid.  I love our people.

Speaking of uncles...Rock Star Uncle moment right here.  My sister's husband hauled his four boys (the oldest is only 5!) to the party, all by himself.  Did I mention it was during nap time?!!  There was no other way around it, our weekend was completely packed except for a four-hour window in the afternoon. 

Thanks to our peeps, for making my big boy feel special on his big day!  He had a blast :)

We have a big day planned...Children's Museum with friends, daddy home for the afternoon, dinner out (his choice!), cake with Grandparents...

Happy 7th Birthday to my oldest boy, we love you so much! 



LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great 7 year old picture of Rugger...framable! So grown up!

Racheljohnson71903 said... Best Blogger Tips

We are glad he had such a great day!!!! We are also glad we got to see him today since we missed the party. He is such a cool kid!!!